Monday, March 15, 2010

March 15, 2010

There is something motivating in being done in time with the last time slot to sneak in a couple minutes of journaling or a game on online solitaire before the next time slot. It’s like an extra bonus to going on a Time Slot schedule.

Connor woke me at 6:40. Those garage doors are loud at that hour. And to think, yesterday it would have been 5:40, which means he was awake by at least 5:30. I did fall back asleep until my alarm sounded at 7:15.

I made waffles in time for 8:00 B&B. They ate Breakfast, I read a Book to them. At 8:20, I was done re ding and when out to tend to my plants. I decided to transplant some happy white daisy looking flowers (it is a small bush). I moved it from in front of the vertical pocket garden to under the olive tree. I plan on planting sunflowers in front of the vertical pocket garden to help diffuse the intense direct sunlight a bit. I also ate my breakfast and did some talking to God while out there. Connor read in Proverbs and in Revelations after breakfast. Ki read about people trying to assassinate King David. I don’t know what G read.

I had about 7 minutes to write on this journal entry and reheat my tea before the 9:00 class. I read the 4 court cases from Lesson 3 in chapter 1 of You Decide (learning about the Bill of Rights through studying past court cases). The last cases we read didn’t tell us the conclusion. This lesson did. I read the case, clarified a few parts, then let them think and discuss it for about 5 minutes (what they thought was violating or not violating the amendment and why) then I told them the Supreme Court’s decision. I like the book. I like that the are actually thinking about what happened in a way that goes with the amendment and not what they think should be right and they are discussing things. I like learning more about the Amendments. Their assignment is to fill out a Guide for Analysis for the court cases. It is a form in the back of the book used to analyze the court cases. The assignment was to do a sheet for each of the 4 cases. I assigned G to do 3, C to do 2, and K to do 1.

I have 10 minutes till the 10:00 class. I can go flip the laundry. YEAH ME!! The boys were all finished within 15-20 minutes. Either they need a bigger assignment or they didn’t do a thorough enough job. That will be seen when I go over their papers tonight.

Ki decided he wants me to make a worksheet of math problems for him, instead of doing the bridge. I found giving him that option was a good thing. (bridge is just a quiz at the end of about ever 10 chapters in his math story book). I avoid problems he knows well and find creative story lines to have him practice the things he needs to practice. I also make each new problem build on the story of the previous problem. That is what he likes best. And it’s why he likes his math story book. Each chapter builds on the story they are telling and use that to introduce new math concepts. Ki is my ‘storyteller’ learning style kid. The math book is a series called Life of Fred.

Science went well. G&C had tests. I read from Ki’s Science Book to him and asked him questions…ALL WHILE at Panera eating lunch (bagels and bearclaws for K&C). They were done before I anticipated, so I had time for a quick powernap when I got home, before Ninja Training Class.

For Ninja Training we did some exercises to help get us read to Ninja Pop Ups. (we did butterfly sit ups). Then some Push Ups to help strengthen Ninja Muscles so we can better at using a lightsaber and Doing Ninja Flips. Some Ninja Knee Ups (good for pulling oneself onto a roof or doing up, over, through tunnels) and then some of those ‘use your hands to pull the bar down in front of our and then behind you, with weights’. Outside we did Caterpillars, Frog Steps, Ninja Hip Pop Box Bobs, Threading the Needle, and Walking Lunges. G was pretty tired throughout. He might be fighting a cold though, he’s been coughing and sniffling a bit.

By now I am very tired and want to sleep a few hours. I chose to ride my bike to the orthodontists (make a payment) and to Trader Joes for a few groceries. There was a lady there with 6 petitions for proposed new laws. She was getting signatures so these new, proposed laws would be put on the ballot.

I asked that poor little old lady SO MANY questions and 'well, but what if......". Then I asked her if she was a paid worker or a volunteer-..because the petitions said right on it The Person collecting signatures was either a paid worker or a volunteer and I had the right to ask. So I did. I told her I was just exercising my rights as outlined on the petition. I went home, did a quick DDC Inspection (Dresser Drawers & Closet), then told the boys to get shod for a short field trip. I took them so they could witness the legislative system in action. People with peaceful assemblies in order to redress congress about grievances.

C&K did some Backyard Parkour Practice. Then the 3 boys watched an A&E about Ghengis Khan.

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