Friday, March 12, 2010

Dollar Days & Hungry Headaches

Today is darkshore dollar day. 'The Bruthers" (as James calls them) are earning money credits to go to camp in May. It's only $25 a person. The boys don't get a weekly allowance so anytime they want money, they have to ask for jobs to earn it.


New Book: It's called You Decide. It's from the Critical Thinking Company. It goes through the 1st 8 Amendments (Bill of Rights). It dissects the amendment to get to what the individual wording means and it tells about Supreme Court Cases and asks the kids different questions based on what the Amendments say. We've only done 2 lessons, but it seems like a good thing so far I never really learned about the Amendments in school, so I've been enjoying it. One of the cases was kind of about homeschooling. from the 40s I think. It was an Amish Community. The parents were convicted of breaking the state law that says children are required to attend school until 16. They stopped sending their kids to the schools after 8th grade because the high school was just too many things that go against their religion. I think the best part of the book is learning about past Supreme Court Cases.


3Rs. The '3Rs' for most are; "Reading, 'Riting, and 'Rithmatic" for us they are "Reading, Research, and 'Rithmatic" someday I ask them to report to me about what they have researched (hand in some notes or tell me about it). Ki calls those days *4 Rs*
I need to check up on their sciences. They are all using Apologia Science Curriculum; which includes science experiments. I don't think Connor has been doing his.


SEEDY. The last big batch of seeds I planted didn't make it. So I have been planting more. And I have been bringing them in at night. I have about 7 tomato plants that are about 3-6 inches tall. I planted 18 more today. WOW I just realized it is 18. Nine are Gavin's Cherry Tomatoes and 9 are Yellow Tomatoes. Gavin's Strawberries are barely starting to show the 1st signs of red. I planted some off Ki's Sunflower Seeds that are from the Sunflower we just harvested by the wall, which are from Ki's sunflower plants last year. They will be 3G plants (3rd generation). Ki is pretty happy about that. I am happy that I saw a tiny bud on my Sugar Snap Pea plant and my Upside Down Tomato is turning!

Headaches. No More Migraines or Sinus Headaches. The instant I am hungry though I get sharp pain headaches and blurry vision. It's like how I feel if I forget to eat a meal or sometimes in the morning (after 'fasting' all night), but it happens at normal meal time now, just 3 hours after the last meal it seems.
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