Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Just the Facts. Nothing but the facts... and a Burrito




Open door. Check cat’s water dish. Go back to bed.

Brian; “my alarm’s going off in about 3 minutes…..”


Get back up. Get dressed. Brush teeth and hair. With separate brushes. Feed Cat, set out Ki’s School. Drink a few swallows of Mocha Protein Drink. Check Email for an anticipated response. Make a nut,pretzel, choc chip snack for Brian. Get out paper. Pen. Book. Science study Sheet for Connor.

Write list of school for G&C.


Time to leave. Ki wakes to give hugs&kisses and walk out to see Brian off. Drive w/ Brian to airport. See all the happy people awake at 5:15. In line at Starbucks. GO BACK TO BED!!!

Drop off Brian.

Kiss Brian Good-Bye.

Drive home thinking of my schedule and debating stopping at Von’s for a banana. They look not quite open. The van seat is heated. Banana can wait.


Open House Door. See Ki on computer and send him back to bed to at least lay quietly and rest another 30 minutes or so.

Go outback to get a bucket.

Push button to start Laptop and take a shower. While waiting for water to get war, collect not-warm/enough-water in said bucket- to water ve\ggies.


Hear Connor and Ki awake. Once Connor wakes up, that’s it. No turning back.

Don jeans and a top.

Start typing up this very log you are reading. Check FB.


Head back downstairs, finish writing school stuff for the boys.

“GAVIN- are you awake??”

“Boys (K&C) as soon Gavin is up and ready, we’ll go to Starbucks for free pastries!!”

6:41- iron material for dress. All 13 yards.

7:15- Starbucks. Free Pastries. Card Game with my boys.


Home Again. Home Again. Jiggity Jig. Gave Connor a needle to pop a blood blister that didn’t need to be popped. Cut my aloe plant to ease my burn pain fro the iron.

Discussed Morning Independent school with the boys, put my hair up, curled under my bangs, burnt my forehead. It matches my finger, except it doesn’t h also have a cut.


Left house. Arrive at store. Buy breakfast goodies for Bible Study. Leave store. Arrive at churh. Set out Breakfast Goodies. Commence Bible Study. Help put away chairs


Leave Church. Pass Target. Do U-turn. Arrive at Target. Buy stuff. Leave Target. Arrive home.

Eat Lunch, water plants, spill plant, clean up plant, observe Gavin’s sniper gun thing he made on PHUN (website), check email.


Math with Ki.

Lots of fabric cutting.

Rest a few minutes.

3:15- have boys pack their class stuff & water bottles.

Cut More.

Water plants.


Home and eating a Veggie Burrito.

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