Wednesday, March 10, 2010

This Bog's for you

A recent facebook status talked about the base for a bog imp tunic that my son is making. A good friend of mine said she had to read it 3 times b/c she kept reading my son was making the base of a bong...... She said she knows we are bit 'outside the box' but she knew we weren't THAT outside of the box.
I thought it was funny. And it got me thinking of one of my favorite songs.
'Waltzing Matilda'
Up jumped the Swagman and jumped into the Billibong.......


Today, the boys asked that I read the section from Story of the World that they read together yesterday. They really like that particular story; the clever rabbi of cordova. But not wanting to be in the same place forever; having the desire to press onward and move forward, I also read the start of the next chapter. The topic of this chapter is the Mongols. I read about Genghis Khan. I found a biography film on Netflix about GK & the Mongols, so I added it to my queue. We should get in in 2-3 days.

Connor and Gavin lost morning computer for today (they didn't finish their school before getting on the computer in the afternoon yesterday). When I got up at 9, Gavin informed me he had already finished his math and his S.A.T. practice questions. He did them in the morning since he wasn't allowed on the computer and wanted something to do. Connor chose to just sleep in a bit.

I so love that the boys are so honest like that. Gavin could have played on the computer in the morning, I was asleep. I wouldn't have known. But he did his math. Of course, Ki probably would have just told on him anyway, LOL. But Ki was asleep, too. But all 3 boys are like that. They seem to obey even when I'm not there to make sure they obey. I'm glad theyy are turning out well despite my mistakes and imperfections in raising them.

and while I am talking about how wonderful my boys are, I want to add what I did yesterday. (I record these nice moments to have something to hold onto when they have their not-so-sweet moments).
Yesterday, Starbucks messed up my order. I was disapointed. Having migraines seems to increase the level of disappointed to random, small things. When I got home I remembered my Veggie Chips from Trader Joes. I love those and don't buy them often. They are a treat (like my caramel latte that I did NOT get!). I was so looking forward to those chips, esp b/c Starbucks messed up my caramel latte. I got home and my boys had eaten ALL of them!! I was so sad. It is silly, I know, but when you are on week 2 of a migraine, sometimes a missing Veggie Chip will break the camel's back. I did the whole thing of;
"WHO ATE MY CHIPS??? they were my yummy treat and I was so looking forward to them and Starbucks messed up my latte and all I wanted was my chips and they are gone!!!! .............I'm going outside to be sad, now."

When Brian got home from work, he had a bag of Trader Joe Veggie Chipss for me!! Ki had called him at work and asked him to buy some on the way home because he and G had eaten them all and I was sad.
Big, Collective "AWWWWWWW!!"
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