Sunday, March 14, 2010

My Papyrus Strip

scida is Greek for Papyrus Strip and is a base for the modern word 'schedule. The Middle English word is sedule, meaning a slip of parchment or paper, note.

Not many people actually use paper to write out their schedula (late Latin) these days. So many schedules are done on a Blackberry or in Microsoft Word or Excel in today's world. I like to do mine in Word, or Excel, or on my Google Calendar, then have it emailed to my Gmail account. (but there is something that feel good and final about writing it by hand, in pen. which I do from time to time)

I like schedules. I like writing them, and I like following them. I like the feeling of comfort and safety I get just knowing there IS a schedule to which we can adhere our lives.

I also like FONTS.

My boys are an odd mix of needing freedom, relaxedness, independence AND needing schedules and plans. (which, now that I think about it, probably isn't odd at all)
Lately they have too much freedom of time and motion and not enough schedule. Me, I never have enough schedule, but I go without as much as I'd like sometimes to allow the boys freedom to spread the wings of their neurons

This had led to scholastic entropy. So this weekend I have devised a schedule for the next few weeks. In May, we will have "May Term"; which is like J-Term. but in May and with one class of MY choosing added to their 2 chosen areas of independent study.

We never made it to getting into a somewhat scheduled groove after J-Term. I decided it was time to buckle down and get a few things done before May Term. The sciences they choose for this school year were being neglected. They can choose what to study and how to learn it, but not IF they study/learn. So, I told them that only those students that meet science and math goal by the end of April will earn the privilege of participating in May Term.

Personally,I have been in dire need of a good, solid SCHEDULE and since, as much as I enjoy our quasi-unschooling, I know it is good for my offspring to be able to work and function on someone else's schedule, we will have a detailed time schedule to for this week.
My children excel with a schedule for a short time, but then having and being on a schedule seems to turn off their brains. So we go back and forth as the needs wax and wane.
After I got the 'hourly schedule' done, I went back and filled in specifics for each student/topic. I have emailed each student with their school assignments and what the consequence of failure to complete it will be. I also emailed the attached file of the 'hourly schedule' for the week. It will be written on the dry erase board.

Here is Monday's Schedule: (because you really don't want to read the whole week's at once)


8:00 B&B (Breakfast & Books) ~During Breakfast I will read Story of the World (or assign the boys to take turns reading it after breakfast and I read from the Bible during breakfast- it will alternate) Any time left over after breakfast and before the next class will be for Ki's independent reading time.

9:00 You Decide ~ we will read lesson 3 from the you Decide book. They will have tailored homework, due Tuesday, from the activities for lesson 3.

10:00 MATH HOUR (50 minutes) ~ 50 minutes will give them a 10 minute break between classes to switch gears (and get a snack or drink for the next class). Gavin and Connor have been assigned 50 minutes daily AND the completion of 8 topics on ALEKS. If they reach 8 topics before the week is over, they are to do Review (in Aleks) for their Math Time. Friday they print out a worksheet (in Aleks) that will be due the following Monday. Ki is doing 2 chapters in Life of Fred Daily (or his 'bridges'-review every 10 chapters)

11:30-1 Panera & Science ~ Yes, that is correct. Science Class will be held at Panera. C&G will have tests while Ki & read in his current chapter (and take some notes). If you're going to take a test, you might as well get Hot Chocolate and a Cinnamon Roll while taking it!

1:30-2 Ninja Training ~ I'll teach the boys some of the 'ninja training exercises' from my Ninja Class. We'll also use their weight bench and hand weights.

2:45 DDC Check ~ Dresser Drawer & Closet. I don't insist they keep these things organized, cleaned-out, etc..UNLESS they start having problems 'finding' clean clothes in time for church, etc. In Which case they have to clean 'em out and organize them and pass my inspection.

~interim time is FREE TIME unless they did not pass DDC Inspection, then they will be working on that~

4:30 Clean Up House/Dinner Prep ~ Taco Buffet! It's a favorite. Everyone eats well. But it is a lot of work.

***After Dinner- Homework. ("You Decide" activity) & BRIAN= Grade G’s test. I will grade C's Test.

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