Monday, March 22, 2010

A Chicken named BOB

YAY Monday! Back on Track Day!

My day started with tea and printing Gavin’s Chapter 14 test that he took last week, but didn’t turn in and can’t find so he had to retake it. While the boys ate breakfast, I read to them from Story of the World about the first Russians.

After breakfast clean up and a short intermission (which consisted of making more tea), we read our next lesson in You Decide- Bill of Rights’ book and did the discussion and then the boys had to right out the basics steps in getting the 1st amendment placed in the constitution. (I used that time to hang the laundry on the line out back and water some plants).

NINJA TRAINING was kicked up a notch today; well, half a notch. Our Inside Warm Up consisted of Butterfly Sit Ups (13), Push Ups (10), Bridges (10, Ki added a small weight), Knee Pull Ups (using the kitchen chairs: 10), and the arm pull down weight thing on the boys workout bench (8 forward and 8 to the back). Then we moved outside to do 10 Box StepUps, Walking Lunges across the entire back yard length, 15 Thread the Needles, 15 Ninja Squats (or 10 if you used the weight bar), then 6 of their choice Frog Steps or Caterpillar Steps. Ninja Training was at 10:30AM today to avoid the heat and intense sun after lunch. It’s not THAT hot, but the sun seems very intense.

SCIENCE: Ki is reading in Chapter 2 of his zoology book. Gavin is retaking his test (he didn’t turn it in last week and lost it). Connor is correcting the problems he missed (he got a 94% on both tests I graded last night) and then doing his work for the current chapter. Why did I grade 2 tests for him last night? Because, last night I finally got around to grading his chapter 2 test he took last Monday and I found his Chapter 1 test still in the Turn--In folder, ungraded.

AVOCADO: I picked an avocado today. It should be ready to eat by Friday or Saturday. I think I want it on a veggie sub sandwich with raspberry vinaigrette. P.S. My sugar snap pea has grown but still has no siblings. And I picked a few spinach leaves to eat on my sandwich today.

SNAILS: I am doing some research on Killer Snails, A.K.A. Decollate Snails. They eat the brown snails that eat the garden plants. Some say if your region is cold enough for snails to hibernate, the Killer Snails will end up eating the plants when the brown snails are hibernating and not available for a lunch date. This needs further research.

MATH-Oh-MATH: I assigned 8 topics for both Gavin and Connor, but not the required 50 minutes a day even if they reach the 8 goals before the end of the week. This means if they do all 8 topics by Tuesday, they have no math the rest of the week. Ki and I went over his Chicken math questions I wrote for him the other day. The ones that he missed he had to correct after I explained them, then I had him do a couple more problems. He did pretty well. He really does do better with math after lunch like he says. He likes the chicken theme and asked for the red, yellow, and green chickens to be in the nest set of problems I write. Those are the chickens from his earl reading books that I wrote for him when he was learning to read and chose 2 new words he wanted each week.

The Main Question of the day was about chickens with Feather Syndrome. Feather Syndrome is when feathers are unequally dispersed and right side of the chicken has 3 times as much plus 6, as the left side. which is 3X+6. Ki wondered why you would use 'X' and not just use 3000 (the amount the white chicken had for his problem). So I showed him that sometimes you use the same formula many times with different numbers. Like in the case of the 3 chickens with Feather Syndrome; Chicken Chuck, Chicken Chan, and Bob.

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