Monday, April 12, 2010

Spoiled Kids

I learned about El Niño today, the weather pattern. I was feeling fed up with the spoiled brat Spanish kid wreaking havoc out in the ocean, so I decided to arm myself with information. Why is it called El Niño? What exactly is El Niño and what does it mean for my headaches? What can I expect in the future from El Niño?

As all highly intellectual people do when they need to know something, I went to Wikipedia to find my answers. Some people selfishly drink from the Fountain of Knowledge, keeping all that information for them self. Some others of us more selfless people Rinse and Spit, so you, too, can have this information soaking the front of your shirt and pooling beneath your shoes. You can thank me later.ño-Southern_Oscillation for those that like to have alternative sources of information

۞۝۞۝۞۝۞۝۞۝۞۝ ۞۝۞۝

It is another rainy day. Ki slept in til around 8:30. On rainy, sleepy days we throw the time table out the window; if we have one, which we did today, but don’t anymore, because it is a rainy day.
With May-Term coming up in a couple weeks I want to get buckled down, a bit, so we are on a bit of a schedule. We will still get everything done today, just not on ay time table.

Speaking of MAY-TERM, my students have Made Their Choices.
Gavin chose Drafting/Sketching and Astronomy.
Connor chose Drafting/Sketching and Astronomy.
Ki chose Drafting/Sketching and Mythology.

Connor was confused and dismayed at the lack of choices. I am bit surprised he chose drafting/sketching, but at the same very glad, because he is good at it.

I am a bit surprised Ki chose drafting/sketching, but at the same very glad, because he needs practice and help in that area. I think honing those skills will be good for his dyspraxia.

Having all 3 boys take the same class will make it easy on me.

Now I need to plan their ‘required classes’

۞۝۞۝۞۝۞۝۞۝۞۝ ۞۝۞۝

Back to El Niño. I now have to tie some plants that were blown. .. when the rain finally stops!

I lost a couple plants, too. But I didn’t have to water anything for 2 days.

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