Monday, April 19, 2010

my Boys & their Toys

My boys organized a Demonstration of their favorite Sport at a local park. The demo was yesterday (Sunday). They made fliers, advertised word of mouth, printed forms and waivers, etc. It was a decent turn out. They did a great job teaching others the game and leading small games. They have another demo planned for next month, too.

Some school kids play on the soccer team; some are on the golf team; mine play on an Amtgard Team. It's their organized school sport. It is a national sport. A few months ago they attended a training camp that had some of the best of the best in the Amtgard sport fly in from all over the country (even Canada and as far as the New England states).

Ki has recently passed his Reeve Test (he can now referee events).

I love the extras my boys learn with this sport, too. They have had to make their own garb; they've learned to read patterns, sew, applique, and do simple sewing machine maintenance. They make their own weapons, but ban saws at 8AM aren't my favorite thing. They learn some history and cooking. And it is great exercise!

the first picture is me.

I tried a bit of knitting. I found I am not good enough to knit in public. It distracts me from my counting out loud to make sure I am getting the correct number of knits and purls in the right order.
I have 2 WIPs (Works In Progress).
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