Thursday, April 29, 2010


I COULDN'T SLEEP LAST NIGHT because my mind kept whirling about Astronomy Class and I just had to get the lesson plans done. So around 1AM I got up & stayed up till about 2:30 doing them. This class is for G&C and they will do most of it on their own. They will have notebooks that they will turn in weekly so I can check their progress. Brian said he'd teach some things to them. They'll look up some library books, I'll see what I can get from Netflix, and Brian will play a game with them, called Hard Vacuum.


DAILY- go to APOD Read about the picture. Click on links to learn more. Record new facts in your notebook.

THAT is an APOD picture from their website.


Learn the March, April, May, June Constellations. Choose 8 to learn. (DO & Turn In 2 a week.)


  1. Wobbles:
    2. source:
  2. Learn the Different Types of Galaxies (take notes and draw pictures)
  3. Learn the stages of a star's life cycle (notes and pictures)
  4. if you still have time during your MayTerm Astronomy Study then:
    1. Spend Time doing research of any Astronomy Topics you choose
    2. research it. Take notes, draw pictures, save URLs of websites used, etc

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