Monday, January 31, 2011

Fatal Error

Today's Crime Scene comes to you courtesy of RIMA, who sent me a CD Rom Murder Mystery ("Fatal Error" click to see) ! I printed copies, replicated the crime scene in our house, then called our CSI friends to come investigate! THANKS RIMA!!

THIS IS WHAT ADORNED THE FRONT OF MY HOUSE TODAY. The passing cars all slowed down. The lady walking her dog walked quickly. The foreign gardener who came to mow the lawn across the street didn't even seem to notice.

This the Senior CSI Detective briefing the Junior Detectives as to crime scene they were about to process and some procedures that would be needed.
(notice the totally AWESOME OUTFIT I am rockin'! I planned this baby! My CSI/Science outfit! The Crime Scene Headband, the DNA double-helix earrings, the lab coat, the rubber gloves, and the multi-color safety goggles! I went ALL out on this one!! I wonder if I qualify as SASSY CLASSY in this?)

The team of Junior detectives crossing the tape to the crime scene:

The victim, Rich Webster, top computer program designer, found dead in his Think Tank where he & his team of Computer Geniuses were working on his latest project. If you look closely, you can see the ligature marks on his neck.

Hmmmm. a glove for the right hand.

Analyzing the Evidence:

A few things required the fuming hoods for exposing latent fingerprints:

Then they read through some lab reports, the suspect profiles, and the interrogations of day 1.......

OH MY! I can't believe it....

"I can. I knew all along the rat was up to no good."

and a picture for the art fancy side ........

(it is fun to do homeschool science days!)

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