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FIRST: if you have NOT read J-Term Day 1, go read it! It'll make reading Day 2 that much better.

SECOND: I've been doing good with my Chronological Bible Reading EVERY DAY this YEAR! How amazing! (Is it still an accomplishment if it's only been 3 days this year -today's reading will be in the evening)

THIRD: I hope I did not disappoint my boys today. There were no notes or reading or lectures to enjoy. All I had for them today was matches, super glue, brushes, and ink. AND doughnuts. They didn't seem to mind, though.

We started the day with Doughnuts, Turkey Bacon, and Vitamins. K&G seem to melt without enough protein, so I made Turkey Bacon to go with the doughnuts. I made sure they took their DHA, as some of my kids seemed to be losing focus already, by 8:30AM.

I decided to dive right into out Fingerprint Labs today. No Notes. No lectures. Just DOING.

First I had them cover the table with newspaper, then I brought out the blank index cards and some different ink pads. I told them to try the different inks and see which worked best and practice making good fingerprints. Then to make a card with all their right hand prints, and one with all their left hand prints. (yesterday we did Graphite/Charcoal fingerprints).
After they had their good 5-print cards, we went over the 3 basic types of fingerprints. WHORLS, LOOPS, ARCHES.
I have 2 arches and 2 that are half arch/half loop. the rest are loops. No whorls.
Here is the Breakdown:
65% of the population has LOOPS
30% have WHORLS
5% have arches.

Connor has an arch, too. Gavin has a couple whorls(and some half loop/whorls and loops)

After we learned about WHORLS, LOOPS, & ARCHES. They labeled their 5-Print cards accordingly.

Then we talked about the characteristics within a fingerprint (dots, short ridges, enclosures, etc)

Now that have had lots of practice making a good fingerprint and they know hoe to ID the characteristics, we each took a glove (because we did not have balloons- which was what we were supposed to use according to the book).
Blew then up just a tiny bit. Then put a fingerprint on the glove.

We then BLEW THEM UP so we could see our fingerprint details.

Then we circled characteristics. They were intrested, focused, and had fun.

CLEANED UP from that project, wash hands, put a little Vit E oil on the hands, as they were all dry from the constant use of hand wipies, wearing the gloves, and washing. We needed to make sure we had hand oils, like normal.

NEXT LAB: Fuming Hoods for Fingerprints. If you watch C.S.I. you most likely have seen them hand evidence in a fuming hood ro get the prints from it. for things that are harder to dust. We actually used simple to dust/lift otems- for the ease & success of the project.

At Home Fuming for Prints:
You need:

Wipe down the film canister. Grasp it with your thumb and a couple fingers. Place it in the ZIPLOCK BAG. Add 5-6 drops of SUPERGLUE. *Do not get it on YOU, your clothes, your fingers.*. Close the bag all but an inch and then blow into the bag to fill it with air. **DO NOT breath in superglue fumes! If you have younger kids, do this part for them!
Then set them aside for a few hours. Warm with a hair dryer if you want, to help speed the process.

[ABOVE] you can see the 4 Fuming Bags with the Superglue & Film Canisters

With those set aside, we moved onto LAB #3 for the day!
Again, the table got cleared. (wow, the boys are good helpers at clearing away lab stuff - they know if I have to do it all, they won;t get these fun classes)

Then they all got a couple votive candles, matches, and a ceramic tile.
This lab was to make our own fingerprint powder: CLICK FOR THE ONLINE INSTRUCTIONS
Hold the ceramic tile over/half in the flames so it gets coated in soot.


[ More Pictures on my Picture Page: Check them out! I love flame pictures!]


scrape the soot into a bowl.

Add cornstach in equal amounts as the soot.
COLLECTING SOOT TAKES A LONG TIME! all 4 of us had to coat&scrape our tiles MANY times! to get about a tablespoon . But that was about all we needed today.

I have a fingerprint brush I bought at the CSI store.

After the soot and cornstarch get all mixed...

Clean off a tile. Each person in the room made a GOOD print card of just their Right Index Finger.

Show them how to leave a print on the tile and dust for it.

Then have 1 kid leave the room. 1 person that is left in the room, firmly touches the tile (to leave a print)

The 1 kid comes back in, dust the tile for prints:

(make sure each child leaves his print somewhere new, the the Detective isn't sure where on the tile it is and has to dust all over until they find it)


Then the Detective compares the print on the tile with the Samples and decided who left the print!

This was fun, but we needed a few more kids to make it more of a challenge.

**YEAH our Homemade Fingerprint Powder worked WELL!!!!!

** DOUBLE-YEAH! Our Fuming Bags worked, too! (but I couldn't get good pictures of the prints on the film canisters with my camera- you'll just have to trust me)

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NOW the boys are off doing their Computer work. The house is so quiet when they are all 3 on computer programming and animating! Someone, bring me a Toffee Nut Latte!
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