Wednesday, February 2, 2011

"The Queens we use would not excite you"

I love that song.
"One Night in Bangkok" by Murray Head. (youtube here)

Actually is is "Our Song". Some couples have love songs as 'their song.'
We have a geeky chess playing song...

"I'd let you watch. I would invite you.
but the queens WE use would not excite you"

This post has little to do with "Our Song". it is more about "The queens we use would not excite you." For that is what comes to mind when I think about the things make me happy...

***I find it necessary to warn you that I still do not have my lovely camera, and using Connor's little video camera in Still Shot mode***

hearing my son say; "MOM! Bring the blood testing kit. I picked a SCAB!"

Things like: Posting as my Facebook status:
"Time to get the skulls out for school"

Here is a video we watched today:

Which, of course, leads me to watch a video on facial transplants:

After watching videos (a totoal of 3 forensics and the 1 transplant), the boys were given instructions to do the "C.S.I. " facial reconstruction Kits.

as always, as most kids, as male of the species; they want to dig in, figure out how to do it all on their own and "We don't need no stinking instructions" is always the motto.

As an "quasi-unschooler" I see huge value in doing things on their own, figuring things out on their own, 'trial & error'.....
BUT- I also see huge value is learning how to following instructions, being able to read a How-To Manual and follow it.
So, when we do these things with preprinted instructions, I emphasize to the boys this is NOT a "find out on your own" thing. This is an activity to practice the fine art of Following someone else's Instructions.

So this activity is "less unschool" and "more Quasi"

What Activity? Why, FACIAL RECONSTRUCTION, of course!!

let's face it (ha! 'face' ...); unless you are self employed (and even if you are sometimes), you need to follow someone else's instructions often!!

I just called out to the boys; "If anyone has an extra eye, give it to Gavin. His is missing and he needs one."

Ki said that if he was an CSI person, this would be the job he'd want. (playing with clay and putting in skulls, it's preschool all over. "Pass the Playdough, I have a skull to reconstruct before nap time!")


Ki did the middle one. He followed the instructions well on making the reconstruction. But at the end, he decided to put male facial hair on it, instead of solving the crime (it was a female skull, all missing people listed were female).
so, if we were giving grades he'd get an "A" for technique, but only a "C" for solving the crime (he did try to deduce which one of the listed females his man looked like ....) and maybe another "A" for being true to himself..... maybe. But if it was a paid job, he may have gotten fired or suspended....

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