Monday, March 28, 2011


Ki made Breakfast today. He had a Pancake Buffet. I love pancake buffet! I skip my 'protein/fruit smoothie' for Pancake Buffet!. He makes the batter and has bowls of chocolate chips, blueberries, pecans, cinn. coated diced apples, etc...- we order what we want and he makes them!

I know you are all jealous now.
BTW- I always order the Apple Pecan pancakes!
they are SO GOOD! Not too sweet, and have fruit & protein!

Having a child who wants to be a chef when he grows up is very beneficial!


30IN30 update:
I've been wearing different earrings and tops/outfits daily. a few skirts even, and more than 1 pair of shoes for the whole week. it is tiring. but Brian seems to like it. Probably cause I am wearing my black heels more often.... and skirts.

here some of the things from the past week:
Nevermind. I can't find them. and the ones I took with Manual focus are OUT of focus- so I probably need glasses or something. I will post Sunday's outfit now and get the rest up later,

AND I have pictures of last Wednesday top & Earrings


All 3 boys have finished (what they had as their goal) for and have moved to using KHAN Academy. Aleks is very good! but cost money. too much with 3 kids.
But, I do like Khan even better. And not just because it has a better price. (free)
  • the boys can log in with google or facebook- 1 less password/login name to memorize
  • It loads MUCH faster. With ALEKS I always had wait for the page to open, then wait for each boys info to be gathered to open their own pages.
  • It keeps track of JUST time spent DOING the actual math, unlike ALEKS with counts all time they are logged-in, even if they are sidetracked to pet the cat for 20 minutes.
  • even Ki likes it.
  • I'd mention it's free as a PLUS, but I did say 'reasons not just because of it's free price'
Connor asked to go to the Library today to do reading and KHAN. Ki liked this idea, too, so I grabbed my knitting and biked with them to the library. They did math and reading. I knit.

When we got back home, Gavin was almost done with his schoolwork. He thought he did enough math, until I showed him that he had not, according to the Khan Website. So he much have been counting- all minutes on the site'- not how many of those were DOING math.

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