Thursday, March 24, 2011

fancy food

I ordered the Molecular Gastronomy Kit for Ki.
It's a School Purchase.

Making watermelon caviar is much better than some workbook or cooking text.

Watermelon Caviar 2.jpg
(picture from website)


I plan on driving to the river. It is usually a dry riverbed, but with out week of rain , there is a muddy steam flowing in part of the riverbed. It's a rare sight here.


Tomorrow is Brian's Birthday. We're making a yummy Indian Dinner.
Tandoori Chicken, homemade naan, and chocolate cake. The last part may not be fare from India, but it was requested. and what's a birthday with out cake?


Connor is so close to being done with his ALEKS math. Then we switch to KHAN Academy!
Connor seems to be doing math at KHAN a lot, so his ALEKS is moving slowly. If he weren't SO CLOSE to being done there, I'd just have him go ahead and switch. But there is something to be said for sticking with something until it's done. (so I have been told)

I am in a sewing and knitting mood.

I have to take a bunch of pictures of the weeks 30IN30 challenge outfits


I bought some pants at the thrift store- for Connor. They are VOLCOM brand (which is big in his youth group at church, but Connor couldn't care less).
They are called (on the label) "Friggin Slim Chinos". They look like girl pants on him. but I looked them up online and they really are mens

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