Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Some school-ISH things going on around here lately.

  • Today, Ki decided for his research he'd watch Our Town on DVD. Our "Three R's" are Reading, 'Rithmatic, and RESEARCH. They have to 'research something'. Ki decided Our Town counted as research for his acting class.
  • Gavin announced his math (online course) had gotten to where he needed a calculator. I responded with; "so, get one." I'm not sure what math it is exactly. He does whatever he wants from their site for math.
  • I had Connor explain logarithms to me, as I saw he had gotten proficient on the website at them. I have no idea what they are. Well, I do know. I asked Connor what their purpose was and he said "It's just one of those "learning for the sake of learning" things. Ah, I taught him well........
  • Ki finished his menu and grocery list for Friday's dinner. Sub Sandwich Buffet. (plus he made waffles today and that awesome pancake buffet)
  • Gavin will be doing the programs for the Play that Connor and Ki are doing. Windows Publishing 2007 or an equivalent. here's hoping it pans out well.
  • I finally passed Subtraction level in Khan. It took 2 glasses of White Zinfindel. Maybe if I drank in high school my math grades would have been better....
  • I challenged Ki to 26 Lat Pull Downs on the workout bench. He met that challenged and upped it to 30. So after my 26, I had to do 30. My arms will be SORE tomorrow! I need to have him agree to a Pilates Challenge. Maybe that will motivate me.
  • Ki & Connor are doing TAG TEAM writing for their writing assignment. They each write a little on the same story. Connor wants the aliens to be good and Ki wants them to be evil. This could be a very interesting story!
  • I cleaned out the chest cavity of the stinky, boobless mannequin today. The pastor's mom gave me some industrial odor spray stuff.
  • I like asparagus. I never did before living here.

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