Wednesday, March 2, 2011

[ insert funky title here ]

I can't think of a title for this entry.

I have a lot of different places it might go.

I do need to start with somepromised pictures.

these are for I'm A Lazy Mom. Photos of the doorways in my house.

By the Front Door.
Oh, how I hate when there is a bag of trash there.
White Trash even.

And this is by the back door.
Why, YES, that is a bottle of Drano my the steps.
And, YES, that is a baggie of bullet casing next to the Drano.
They are both for school.

And these might be the cleanest areas of the house right now.

Ki made French Toast this morning.
There are a few more things to clear up in the kitchen.

He made 'plain French Toast' for him & his brothers. I requested to have Toasted coconut and almond meal added tot he 'batter'. Then I topped it with powder sugar (snow), cinnamon sugar, and more toasted coconut.

I love having a personal chef!

Last night Ki made dinner. Sort of.
It started Sunday night.
Ki's M-W-F morning job is to make Breakfast.
This was his own idea, as he hates doing laundry daily
[which was what his morning job was daily]
So he asked if he could do Breast a few days a week instead.

Back to Sunday--
Ki asked if he could switch morning jobs because he had some
laundry he wanted to do on Monday.

I agreed. I like when he thinks things through and plans out his responsibilities.

Then on Monday night we realized we were out of milk and Ki asked
if I could run to the store 1st ting in the morning
{the store is super close}

We just don't have the time Tuesday morning. We have to beoutof thee house by about 9:10 for Bible Study. So I suggested he not worry about hurrying Tuesday morning with breakfast and just make dinner instead.
He thought that was a good idea.
He wrote a grocery list, check the fridge, and we stopped at the store on the way home from Bible Study.

He wanted to do Subway Buffet.
Which isn't "making a meal" but cutting and
prepping a lot of things and spreading them out on the counter.


We did Chemistry Class today.
I started the lesson with my Laundry Soap Making Chemistry.
I didn't have Washing Soda, but had baking soda.
I read that if I heat Baking Soda (Sodium Bicarbonate)
I will get
So we wrote down the chemical formula for Baking Soda (Sodium Bicarbonate)
Then I wrote what it is changed into:
Washing Soda (Sodium Carbonate)
In order for our new substance to be made of 2 Sodiums, it require TWO of the Baking Soda Molecules:
2 baking Soda molecules has
(2) Na (2) H (2)CO3
Washing Soda is NOT
Na2H2C2O6 (or howevre it would be written
So we wrote the Washing Soda formula and the extras
Na2CO3 plus H2O plus CO2

when you heat Baking Soda it gives of water and Carbon Dioxide, leaving Washing Soda.

then we discussed the pH differences
(Baking Soda=8.1 Washing Soda=11)
They were all "WOW, Washing Soda is very base! That can be poisonous!!"
I tell them;
"Guess what happens when we cook muffins (or cookies or whatever). We put baking soda in the batter and then heat it... so your muffins and cookies have what in them?"
"Washing Soda!!"

Then we took lots of notes and watched a video and tomorrow will be Experiment Day.

Soometimes I am not sure
things should be filed under "SCHOOL" or "Family/Household projects"

Ki asked I take new pictures of Kelli Baneling today:

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