Thursday, March 10, 2011


I need to make a list real quick, so bear with me a second.
  • Bible Reading
  • Creative Writing
  • ninja training
  • chemistry
  • Life of Fred
  • Volcano
  • Strawberries
there. all done.
I need to make pizza crust tomorrow, too.

we have 2 more Almost-Frogs. 1 is closer to FROG than the others. We debated naming it Sarah. Sarah gave Ki the 2 adult frogs ad asked to have 1 of baby frogs named after her. He had 21 tadpoles that made it. I told Kari that I'd name one of the next frogs after her.

We decided to name the next frog after both Sarah and Kari. The next frog will be named SKARI.

All the boys seemed sleepy today.
Connor, my early bird, slept till after 10AM!

I taught a chemistry lesson. It was just taking notes today. No Smoke Bombs. No Math.

Then I set Ki up for a little Culinary Arts Class- making roses from Gumdrops. Thanks to MakingFlower's Blog. Connor and gavin wanted to eat gumdrops. I told them they had to make a flower first.

Connor's --->

Ki's. he put a little yellow in the middle for pollen. -->

Gavin's Rose -->

Some More of Ki's Flowers:


The boys made Taco Buffet tonight. My fingers smell like onions. I need some lemon soap.I sauteed some onions and bell peppers.

SPEAKING of Bell Peppers... I was looking at the radish sprouts today and we have 4 clumps of tomato seeds. I transfered a few. Apparently there were a couple cherry tomatoes in the soil. the tomatoes are sprouting right out if the shriveled tomatoes!



I was tired & headachey most the day.
I did not have the brain power to 'pull together an outfit'
I wanted to lounge.
I wanted to go for a bike ride later.
I grabbed 'workoutable' clothes.
tank tops
exercise leggings.
It was a bit chilly in the morning so I grabbed a shirt/jacket off the top shelf in my closet.
and my favorite shoes.
and a different pair of earrings for today.

(More Chemistry Class/School in the next post. I think)

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