Sunday, March 13, 2011


Entry #1 food
(#2 is school)
Panera has done something that will totally ruin their business.

I LOVE Pecan Sweet Rolls. I don;t get them often, but talk about a very special treat!

I went into Panera for lunch today.

OH and there was this chick that looked EXACTLY like Angela on BONES!! Do you thing Angela from Bones lives in the California Central Coast area?

Oh.. Panera.. bad move.. sorry for the sidetrack (but I LOVE that show)

So I go into Panera and am eyeing the Pecan Sweet Roll and wondering
about getting one next week when we go to Panera for Chemistry Testing.

See, I take the boys to Panera for Science Tests. EVERYTHING is better with cocoa and a pastry- even chemistry tests! And brains need glucose!

So I am mentally drooling over the Pecan Roll (yes, I am back to the real Panera story) and see they have put CALORIES on all their signs.

(approx. I was in shock, so the number may be off by 25 calories either way)

SO- thanks to Panera's new Marketing Plan
(to post exactly how evil their food really is for us)
I will never ever
EVER buy a Pecan Sweet Roll from then.
750 Calories??
I think I need to start counting calories in Joules. I think 1 Calorie is like 4.19 Joules or something like that.

So, I'll round that number... DOWN
750 Calories would be...
(looking for my calculator)

179 Joules

See, they need to list JOULES not Calories.

Oh, wait.. the type of calorie used in Joule conversion is equal to 1,000 of our calories.

never mind

no more Pecan Sweet Rolls for me
(well, maybe just 1 more...
for Chemistry Test Day...
I'll 8 bike miles, which only burns like 300 Calories, but, whatever)

Entry #2 (school)

I think I want to start each day with a couple games
This Week :
SET & Volcano

Gavin and Connor are doing GREAT on their math! They worked hard last week.
I'm going to have them work hard this week, too.
This is one of our "quasi unschool" things
Yes I give them assignments sometimes and track their progress (an online math course)
They choose their course and sometimes switch in the middle. They choose whatever lesson they want in their chosen course.
See, we had a talk about unschool and radical unschool.
they all 3 told me they do not want to do radical unschool. They want to have me hold them to what they need to do for their goals
(which is engineering and computer programming for the older 2- so I make sure they are working on the math and sciences they need.

Part of reaching their goal is to have 4 different sciences in high school.
Ki wants to be a pastor or chef or actor so he sits in on science lessons but can opt out of the advanced stuff (which usually means math).
He likes science lessons
esp ones that involve making smoke bombs or reenacting crime scenes.
He often asks what we get to learn in science "this week".

Ki and I decided to really focus on Bible reading for Lent. I'm aiming 3-5 chapters a day.
Ki is reading a chapter in Proverbs and then he reads a chapter or 2 elsewhere.

It's great now that all 3 boys read.
Yes, I know, they are 14-17
but Gavin and Ki were late readers
(5th grade)
Gavin took off right away, but Ki still took a couple years to warm up to it. It's just been a year since he has really been reading well AND liking it.

Gavin has been reading Current Events.
He seems to really be enjoying it. he starts with a current event (like Japan) and then after he reads about it, he researches things that go with it (like earthquakes and nuclear power plants)
THEN he tells me EVERYTHING!!

I remember 'teaching' my mom all the new things I learned in Science class that day at school.
I loved teaching other people the new things I learned! and teaching others helped me REALLY learn it thoroughly!

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