Monday, March 7, 2011

I've gone BANANAS!!

Yep. Loony-Bin crazy! Certainly Certifiable.

Yesterday, I took 21 pictures of the frozen bananas. The above was photo-shopped for color enhancement.

That probably means I am crazy. Taking 21 pictures of frosty bananas. Or maybe it just means that I have real photo appeal. I have captured the essence of the frozen banana.

That last one isn't photo-shopped. It's what they really looked like, frosty and on my counter.

Then they became melted and gooshy. and leaked thawed banana-water all over the counter.

So I whipped them.

& made them into banana bread.

This makes me crafty instead of crazy.

It Seams this entry is going to be about food.

or maybe bananas.

(no, this is not the school fun entry I talked about in yesterday's entry : HERE. that will be ready on Tuesday)

On Mondays & Wednesdays the boys have rehearsal. This usually has me out of the house from 2:45 until 6:15. I miss snack time and 'making dinner' time. So I bring a snack with me.

But I am usually very hungry when I get home. I could should use the Crock-Pot on those nights but have only 1 recipe I know 4/5 of the family will eat.

an 80% satisfaction rate is a lot to hope for most nights and more than enough for me.

And I can plan menus. I am just lousy at the follow-through. Like making sure I have what I need from the store and making sure I get meat out of the freezer the night before.

Tuesday Morning I have Bible Study. It's just 9:30-11:30. But sometimes it is too much sensory input for me and I get home and nap. Then I have to get some school done with the boys. Next thing I know, Brian is home and I have no dinner b/c I forgot to thaw something or forgot to buy something.

Thursday the boys have to be at church around 6:30.
Sometimes Brian takes them through the T-Bell Drive Through
and then we grab something at a cafe.

So, ONCE AGAIN I have a good menu plan for the week. I think.

I am really hopeful this week!

I hope to get at least 4 of the 5 weekdays as planned!
I'm gonna put the boys in charge of a lot of cooking help this week,

and if all else fails, we have banana bread.

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