Wednesday, March 16, 2011

What I Wore for 30IN30

I decided to post a few 30IN30 outfits (fashion challenge: CLICK to read more) at the same time. Daily Posting was too time consuming and boring.

This was Friday. Or maybe Saturday. I forget. The blouse has tiny lace trim, that I have to iron.

And this is a Thrift Store Outfit.
The earrings are 'pearls' on a gold loop.

Sunday's Outfit. The Cute Blouse Brian bought me. but it still reminds me of a circus tent

I am getting use to the high heel sandals!

The earrings are little opals. I think they are a pair my dad made a long time ago.

MONDAY~ My dad called and his truck run brought him out to Ventura- which is a 1:45 drive for us. So we took the day off from school and spent th day on the beach!

I made the bracelet and have earrings to match, but couldn't find them. So I wore the sparkly drop circles. keeping with the 'circle theme'

Tuesday. Chemistry Test at Panera. This shirt is so soft and comfy!!
Black Boots.

The Necklace a gift from Brian's mom. The earrings- Brian bought me in China. I love these earrings!

So, those are the outfits. A different top and different earrings every day- for 30 days.
Today I an just wearing a purple(a wine-purple) long sleeve knit top with a v-Neck. Jeans and those black sandals. And my Dice Earrings.

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