Friday, April 1, 2011

Frankly Friday:

FRANKLY, FRIDAY, you came a day too early. I wasn't ready yet.

I missed Truth Is Thursday (done at my friend's blog) - So I decided to do Frankly Friday. Join me in some frankness.

Frankly... I have not seen hide nor hair of my awesome lime green backpackpurse for about 4 days.

Frankly... I needed a newpurse anyway, I bet. With al these New Outfits daily in my 30IN30 challenge, that green backpack, as much as I LOVE IT, just doesn't work with everything. Sp, here is one I got at Khols. on CLEARANCE with an extra coupon, it was about $4.50.

Frankly... I procrastinated too long for this Priest Outfit and now feel rushed and not up to snuff.

Frankly... It'd be easier if my "Priest" didn't have such a girly figure.... (sans boobs)

Frankly... I am too busy to go to the beach today. (but will try to make it anyway)

Frankly... I like wearing something different daily and going through all my earrings.

Frankly... I am liking my high heel black sandals!

(but let's not spread that girly-fashion stuff around, I have a reputation to uphold!

here iis another outfit......

(30IN30 is inspired by my friend's blog and her 30 day fashion/wardrobe challenge)

Frankly... I am LAZY. Being a Lazy Mom is why I home/unschool and why I have few pictures so far of my 30IN30. BUT I am also a procrastinator- so it WILL get done and you will get more pictures... sometime this year.

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