Thursday, April 14, 2011

Thursday Thoughts

* A friend is having their steer butchered Friday. She said I could have the head. I was SO happy thinking of dissecting it! I was gonna out it in the freezer until next week when Brian was out of town.

*Our Freezer is too small, we'd have to dissect it as soon as we got it home; Friday before dinner.

*I said PLEASE, but Brian still said no.

*Maybe we'll find a dead rodent in the backyard someday.

~ I have a headache all week.
~ I woke with a migraine.
~ I called to the boys to keep my door closed and the volume down today, then rolled over and fell back asleep.
~ Ki brought me tea and bacon (because it has protein)

> I almost done with the 1st side of my DNA scarf.
> I have named the mutations already.
> Cindy talked me into knitting a sweater-vest-shell & told her I'd Cast-On when I finish side 1 of the DNA scarf.

+ The boys are going camping Mon-Wed with their Church Group.

+ I have a lunch date with a friend on Monday

*My head still hurts. I am out of Fioricet. I wonder if knitting will help my head....

OH, school update..... Hmmmmm... Um... I have had a headache all week. I assume the boys are doing the school I assigned them for the week. Ki is reading White Fang. They are all doing their Khan academy (I can check that online). Gavin tells me what is going on in Lybia or elsewhere (so he's reading current events like I asked him)

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