Monday, April 25, 2011

a short.

Sunday night Ki called Grammy and set up a Skype time- So the boys and I got to talk to Grammy & Pappy!
Ki is my little Social Coordinator!

We had a nice chat. Even the cat got in on it. Too bad Brian was not home. Hopefully next time.

When we were finished, it was about 8:45. I handed the boys bags and flashlight and sent them out back to find Easter Eggs. I told them to careful with the aloes/agave/roses. Connor did not heed my warning and cut his hand on the big blue agave plant.

Ki found the most High Yield Eggs out there. I put coins in our plastic eggs.

Connor still has 1 more to find.

The seemed to have fun trying to find hidden eggs in the dark and being tricked by golf balls, rocks, large snails, fallen limes & lemons, and other 'almost egg size objects'

Flash Light Egg Hunts is the way to go with kids that are just too old for easy, day-time, kiddie egg hunts , but that still want to have some Easter Egg fun.

Down Side- no pictures.. But we have LOTS of egg hunt pictures when they were younger. and now they help hide eggs for little kids.

I ripped my thumbnail.


C&G now have prescription Poison Oak creme.
I have new mascara.
We have lots of easter Candy (mimi's package arrived)
The house is still messy.
my fingernail ripped. again.

Still Not a DEEP,Philosophical Post.. but was not in need of a nap today- so we are getting closer...

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