Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Mango Spaghetti and Raspberry Ravioli

Today, Ki made a snack for us. Mostly for me, as Gavin was asleep and Connor won't eat this.

Today, Ki used his Molecular Gastronomy Kit for the first time.

Today he made Mango Spaghetti and Raspberry Ravioli.

Today he learned what agar Agar is and what 'real' caviar is.

Culinary Arts is Ki's main school subject.

here are pictures from today's class in Molecular Gastronomy.

Puree mango (with a little sugar)

Pour into saucepan-->

Add Agar-Agar. heat to a boil -->

suck into a syrnge.

Fill Tube, (put in ice water for 3 minutes)

Squirt onto a plate. (Ki let me do this one!)

Raspberry Ravioli- Puree raspberry with sugar & Calcium Lactate

Drop by teaspoons into a Sodium Alginate bath

Ki made too many at once and they stuck together. But has a game plan for next time! and smooshy or not, it was yummy!!

Sucking up Mango S'getti!

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