Thursday, April 21, 2011

ABC's of homeschooling

ABCs of Homeschooling

But I saw this at Homeschooling for His Glory- so I have to say I am taking it from Joelle, not from 5kidsandadog. Credit where Credit is due- and that is in 2 places this time.

I will be doing a couple of letters at a time, because I am not consistent enough to do them on schedule.

A is for Autodidact- That is why I homeschool- to help my boys become autodidacts; someone who is self-taught. For us that means allow them the freedom to follow their passions and interests, to not let 'school' get in the way of learning. I may not have taught my boys everything from the long list of 'Facts taught to kids all throughout school'- but I taught them something more important. How to learn on their own. How do decide what they need to know and then teach themselves. Elementary Years are easy. They boys are little sponges learning everything and asking about everything. The Junior High years are the ones that make you doubt as they chill out and just... exist.... but now that they are in the High School years, I am seeing it all come together. Well, Ki is still in the Junior High phase, but he has always been the more 'self-directed' of the three.

I bought them these T-Shirts a few years ago.....
"I can't go to school.... I'm autodidactic."

Things brings me to thought of discussing unschooling- but I'll leave that for "Q"
OTHER A's: Amtgard. Animals. Art. Advice (we all seem to get a lot of that as homeschoolers, LOL)

B is for BOYS- because I am homeschooling 3 boys, it seemed like a good choice for this 2nd letter in the alphabet. I am surrounded by boys. I am teaching boys. I assume this is a different ball game them homeschooling all girls. Our days are filled with
Making their own Ninja Throwing Stars and a target board- in the back yard.
Dissecting Cow Hearts.... in the back yard.
ParKour the back yard...
Making & Wielding Renaissance Weapons.. in the back yard...
Hmmm this is why I often have the gardener skip doing the backyard.....

Maybe "B" should have stood for "BACKYARD"

We also have less violent things happen in the backyard. Gavin grows strawberries. Ki collects Mosquito Larvae for his tiny froglets. Connor lays in the sun and pets his cat. I lead Nijna Training Exercises.

I love having boys! I'm more of a Hiking in a creek, catching newts, and dissecting cow heart- kinda girl than a ruffles, bows, and pink kinda girl. But I guess if I had a girl she'd not be too into pink and ruffles anyway.

My boys have been good at insisting they learn when they are ready- regardless of it it lines up with my timing or a schoolbook's timing.

some were doing basic algebra at 6 and some didn't read till 5th grade.... or at 4 yrs, but refused to read around me until much much later- when they were ready for me to have confirmation they could read. Some refused to count to 6 until they were 6 years old.

That makes it sound like I have 5 or 6 Just the 3 of them.

and I can't imagine them having nearly the success in public school that they do here and now. I am thankful we get to let them learn their own way.

OTHER B's: Backyard, Biology, Bible, Bored, Books, Blog, Blessed

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