Friday, April 29, 2011

This is why I need to workout more:

Ki made Bacon-Pancake-Poppers for breakfast.
Bacon dipped in Pancake Batter and fried. Like a Bacony-Breakfast Hush Puppies:

here is the link: BACON PANCAKE POPPERS

And when my son makes a wonderful breakfast, I'd be a bad mom too refuse all of it..right??

This is why I am no longer 120 pounds.

We made 'funner cake' with the extra batter.


Ki made some with piggy bacon and some with turkey bacon.

I used those clear squeeze bottles (like they use for ketchup or mustard)- cut off more of the tip- then squeezed the thick batter out- for Squiggles.

Below: One Bacon Popper and some Squiggles:

Powder Sugar is great on the squiggles (they are basically funnel cake)

Cooking is part of Ki's "school work".

He makes breakfast 2-3 times a week and sometimes dinner or lunch or a dessert.

**I saw a question on Hip Homeschool Moms facebook today. Advice for homeschooling more than 1 child.
My advice; "teach them early on how to make their own breakfast so you can sleep in."

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