Sunday, May 1, 2011

been meanin' to....

The List Is Short this month. Not so much because I do not have a much I need to do, just because I do not have a lot that "I have been meaning to do."

  • Take the sewing machine to have some yearly maintenance done. Brian decided he needed the sewing machine to work on some stuff for Darkshore so he took it in to the shop.
  • Wash the sink- scrub the sink and the backwash area. with Bleach Cleanser.
  • Have the boys clean the front room. VERY well. dust. windows, everything.
  • Go to Starbucks by myself.
  • Take Connor to lunch at a cute little hamburger/sandwich place I saw on my bike ride
  • Exercise DAILY. That means EVERY DAY (except Sunday- God said I have to rest.)
  • Finish my Bible Study chapter for Tuesday.
  • Bring the boys to Starbucks.
  • Buy a New Card reader so I can easily post Pictures. right now I have to do pics from my husbands computer and it's a bit of a hassle, as my accounts/passwords are on my laptop. So I use his built in reader, email the pics to myself, then find where they were downloaded, so I can post them.
Things I have done... because that list makes me feel happier:

  1. Planted 25 Sunflower Seeds
  2. 12 Sugar Snap Peas Seeds
  3. 12 Strawberries.
  4. 6 JalapeƱos
  5. 3 Bell Pepper seeds
  6. Helped at a garage sale.
  7. Took pictures at Amtgard
  8. washed a couple dishes
  9. sucked the gunk from the bottom of the tadpole tank
  10. emailed the boys with their school list for this week.
  11. ate too many dark M&Ms.

    I am joining Stacey's Blog Hop: Things I've Meaning to Do.."- You can join too! click the above button, read , and then write your list. Then at the end of the week- see what you have done from your list! Why are you waiting?? I know you have been meaning to make that list!

And there I am in my fancy dress... with Eleanor (a friend;s daughter) and Dasher (Gavin)

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