Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Pictures & Words

San Francisco was fun. Well, actually it was wet, dreary, and cold and I had a nasty sinus cold. But being sick with a hotel and spouse to deal with the boys is better than being home alone with the 3 boys while sick.

Getting out of town was fun.

China Town was pretty much like China actually.

[above] It was the 1st time I have seen a Bomb Squad on the road next to me. The lights flashing and all.

[above] Connor caught a newt. Ki was holding it for that shot though.

[above] Connor. Climbing.

The city was a busy city, but the architecture was neat. China Town was almost like reminiscing (I went to China a while ago)

Brian bought me some yummy tea at a cute little tea room.

[below] Pier 39 in San Francisco ->

[scenery shots] -->

Then we went to Darkshore; Amtgard Camping event:

[below] Connor

[below] Ki (from the back, with his leather armor. not the man-boob dude)

[below] Gavin

[below] Ki and his new gnome throwie (umm, looks like he's giving me the bird.)

[below] Connor (with the lime green sword)

We are home now. A few dozen loads of laundry have been washed; it seems.

Today was Bible Study day and acupuncture and visiting the neighbor.

and cleaning the fridge.

and not thinking up an exciting post.

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