Tuesday, May 3, 2011

How To Tuesday: make a seed starter greenhouse

I begin with a story. A Dialogue between a hungry 17 yr old boy and his mother.

SON: "Mom, do you know where the small pan is??"
MOM: Eating Chocolate Covered Almonds while Watching Netflix -(thinks to self. "oh, no. I totally forgot about that!)

MOM: :"ummm. In the back yard."
SON: "WHAT?? Why is it out THERE??"
MOM:" I took it out to clean it. It was super dirty."
SON: "So, is it clean?"
MOM: "no."

I had it out back my the compost pile squirting the moldy spaghetti sauce out with the hose- but got distracted.

NOW for my HOW TO mini-Instructional. (and, don't worry, it won;t be how to clean dishes. That'd be like the Blind leading the Blind. THIS How To is for a mini-greenhouse to start your seeds.

Well, not an actual house.

and it is not actually GREEN.

But you get to use a knife and a soldering iron.

and tape.

And before I begin I must apologize for the quality of the pictures. I used Connor's video camera- that takes stills, but not that well. I was too lazy to find my good camera:

So, choose your seeds. For my first project I went with Bell Pepper Seeds.

Then get some 2 Liter bottles, knife, scissors, packing tape, soldering knife, and dirt.

take the lid off of your bottles and rinse them. (my just had Club Soda, so I didn't bother rinsing them)
Then pinch the side a bit and make a small cut:

Then Use scissors in the cut, and cut around the entire circumference of the bottle:

I just follow the label. And I advise leaving labels on to protect the roots from the sunlight..

I like to cut a few slits in the lid. I find this helps them fit on better:

Then I use a soldering iron to put the holes in the bottom. WAY EASIER then when you had to poke them with your safety scissors in 4th grade.

Next add the dirt:

I like to start with some type of gravel for drainage. I had some clay spheres I got at a Hydroponics Store- so I used them:

Just a handful to cover the bottom.

Then I took a mixture of: Compost/Garden Soil & Potting Soil & Sphagnum Moss. I filled the containers to about 2 inches below the top of the label.

Added my seeds, watered with added fertilizer, put the lids on, and then the packing tape around the seam.

I misplaced the lids, do I added more tape to cover the opening.

I bought some apples at Costco. They came in this plastic bubble container:

I thought I'd try using it as a seed starter.
I filled with the dirt mixture.
poked holes, through the dirt with my scissors- because I forgot to to make holes first.

then added the seeds.

and watered and snapped the lid closed.

I hope it works.

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