Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Summer of Challenges

30 Outfits Challenge

31 Days to Clean Challenge

and now:

21 Days of Warrior Prayers (praying for boys)

I have decided I like doing these little challenges.

I did the 30 outfits as a way to go through my closet and see what all I had and wear it. Usually I just wear about 10% of my clothes. I enjoyed this one. It was actually fun to make new outfits and feel a little dressier (and get out of the rut of wearing the same thing everyday)
And my husband seemed to like it, too. Which was a good motivation for me to bite the bullet and try to dress a little nicer, or new, or at least 'not the same jeans & top daily'. I knew Brian would appreciate it.

I just started the 31 Days To Clean with some online friends. We do the daily challenges and post Before & after cleaning pictures. B&A cleaning pictures are a real motivator for me. This book has Martha and a Mary Challenge. One challenge to clean and another to show love via our homes. We are only on Day 3. I leave for 4 days in L.A. I will be on day 5 when they are on Day 9. But I hope to get caught up in a few days.
Day 1- was write a little mission statement for why you want a clean house. What is the goal? What is the Motivation.

Day 2 was clean the fridge/freezer insides. And make a list of ways to add more fun to the home. A Game night weekly? family bike rides? decor/lighting candles? Have happy music playing in the house?

Day 3 -today- clean the tops of the fridge, shelves, cabinets. I don't have shelves in the kitchen (but I do in the dining room, but those will be for the Office/Den challenge week, as they are homeschool shelves). My cabinets don;t have dustable tops. BUT I do have 2 tile tops to ovens- they are like big shelves. I will clean those.

If anyone wants to join in, let me know and I'll share the link to my online 31 Days to Clean photos. There is a printable calendar HERE for what to do each of the days.

I had already decided to give Coupon Shopping a real try in June and July. I will call it my College Try Coupon Challenge for June & July
or I should use a number. like the other challenges:
"61 Days of Coupons"

And recently a friend on Facebook and fellow homeschool blogger (Angie) posted about a
21 Days of Warrior Prayers. (with a free eBook to follow).
I decided to add it to my Summer of Challenges.

I have been thinking of making a Facebook Account for my blog. It's probably just a Peer Pressure thing. So many homeschoolers/moms have Facebook accounts for their blogs. I could be fun. But I doubt I have enough readers.

And I have been thinking about the couponing. You see/read about people that end up with 12 tubes of free toothpaste or 8 bottles of free body scrub, and how they ended up spending $3 out of pocket on $35 worth of stuff... and it is a bit intoxicating and desirable. But I out thought into it and will have a post to write about that in the near future.

YEP: I am Diggin' Challenges. With Day Numbers in the Title!

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