Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Let's give a hand to the Deviants!

The boys froze water.

in balloons.

and latex gloves.

For the purpose of THROWING them and watching them shatter.
(and drinking the not-yet-frozen-water out of them)

They watched the water bubbles move inside them and looked the air bubbles inside, too

I have some Chemistry DVDs from Netflix. They are the Standard Deviants ones. I have the boys watching them this week, as kind of an overview before we get back into the DVD course. I was watching them watch them and listening to Gavin who is re-explaining pretty much everything, with more detail and more examples. So, I wonder why I even bother teaching him. This is how it has been his whole life. He always seems to already know what I get ready to teach him. I think he should be my co-teacher for this course. (we are using Apologia High School Chemistry DVD Course)

I just need a place to list all my planned experiments all together. to make it easy for me to gather everything we need.
These are pretty much the NON-DVD Experiments (demonstrations).
just for me to remember.

Make Black Snakes (fireworks):

Magnetic breakfast Cereal
Sulfur & Iron mix

Vinegar & Egg thing

NI3 explosion:

Burning Money (combustion)

Jam Jar Pulse Jet Engine: (just because it's fun)

Experiments/Demos downloaded from:

Burn Ice Cubes:
Make Hot Ice:

Simple Colored Flames:
More Chemicals to use:

I need to find someone to go in with for buying these chemicals!!

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