Monday, May 9, 2011


Oh My.

Where have I been?

Not here in the blog world.

I have been in my van. Driving.

But the play is over. The kids were great. I am tired of driving. And paying $4.15+ a gallon for gas. I think I filled up the van 3 times in the last 2 weeks. Once it was $4.32 a gallon!

LAST WEEK: In the midst of the Play Frenzy I had to make a stop at my acupuncturist's. I had an awful migraine with sensitivities and tingly/numb arms and face. I sure feel LOADS better when I came out of there, after some massage and hitting some major points. I had about 5 needles in my head. I normaly only have 2. I left there with 6 ear tacks. 4 in my ears and 2 in my back.

Hector is a Mexican guy in town that always comes by our house looking for work and money. Always trying to get paid way more than his work merits and it seems he often is pulling our leg.All is fine with his family until he thinks we didn't pay him enough then his baby is in the hospital. But, he is out working to get money and I am ok to pay for hard work. But when we were gone Saturday he cam by and pulled weeds when we were NOT here. Gavin got home and Hector talked G into paying him for the work and letting him in the backyard to do more work, which he insisted Brian pay his for doing. And he pulled out all my Asparagus Plants. I was NOT happy about any of it! And Gavin forgot to tell Brian he had Paid Hector $20 already. Hector got paid and paid again then had Brian give him a lift to the store and got dropped off. A liquor Store and dropped at a bar.

THIS WEEK: I have little planned. Bible Study is on Tuesday. I will be here every night to make dinner! I have to pick up my sewing machine so the boys can work on their amtgard stuff.
I assigned them an hour of reading and an hour of math. I wanted to get back into Apologia Chemistry, but I can not find our CD-ROM. So we'll watch some Standard Deviant DVDs and take notes. **FOUND IT! but still gonna just watch the Standard Deviant DVDs this week- then seriously Buckle Down with Apologia in June & July.

Ki is reading White Fang. Connor is reading The Adventures of Tom Sayer. Gavin is reading Two Spies and a General. They are to do 1 hour at Khan Academy daily- with 15 minutes of that being watching videos. and Ki has 15 minutes of review.

TODAY: I watered my garden. We have to tuck seeds in here & there where we have room. So my garden is in bits and pieces around the yard. I found 18 sunflower starts in back and 9 in front. I planted the ones in front a few days after the ones in back. I ate a strawberry from last years plant. 2 of the new plants (24) from this year didn't survive. (there is a chance one of those might be revived..).

NEXT WEEK: We will be headed out to Yosemite for hiking and pictures! We'll cross a BIG BRIDGE and then cross it to come back. We'll visit a friend on the way home, then attend a 4 day Amtgard Camping Function. We MIGHT stop by Pinnacles on the way home.

Then we'll have 3 days to unpack, do laundry, repack for 4 days in LA for a gaming convention.

So I won't be blogging much this month I guess.

That iPad is looking better and better.... I looked up iPad 2, was impressed (the guy says ALYOOMINIUM... that gets me every time). Talked to Gavin, who totally shot it down and said I'd be better off just getting my laptop upgraded. Then he said if I gave him $600 he could make a really good computer for me.

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