Monday, May 2, 2011


WHEN did the sun start getting up so early! Mr Golden Sun was shining full force by 6:45 this lovely AM. This AM that I had planned to sleep in- to prepare myself for a week full of Driving Stresses.

I feel gypped somehow. I was so sure someone changed my clock. And I just now learned that GYPPED come from gypsies. (I thought it was JIPPED until I looked it up on Wikipedia. You can learn SO much on Wikipedia!!) The point being- I feel I am missing 2 hours of sleep.

I herded the male offspring into the van to get a few things checked off my To Do list. (things like (take boys to Starbucks for Breakfast and Pick up Brian;s Suit from the Dry Cleaners)- but could not find my keys. I had to call Brian while the herd waited in the van. But I found them on Brian's dresser under a black sock behind the camera battery charger. So, it was all good in the end. I got my Chai.

and Gavin got a chai.
and Connor got Hot Chocolate.
and Ki got a Vanilla Steamer.

We had our PSYCHE quiz. The boys love that show. After we sat down with out breakfast (oh, yeah- they all got pastries & I got a yogurt cup) I quizzed them.
How many shelves in the pastry display?
How many people wearing hats?
What did the cashier look like?
The Street Number for the store?
What was on the Today's Special Sign?
Describe the Barrista......

they did not do so well.

We then played a game of FLUXX. Ki won.

I picked up Brian's dry cleaning and make a quick stop at the Thrift Store for $2.74

The BEST part of gardening?? The CHOPPERS! Or clippers, but CHOPPERS sounds better.
I hacked down a large bush. Then whacked off limbs to some roses and other green growing things. Then poured a bag of dirt into the contained plant area in the front and planted about 25 sunflower seeds.

I have plans to hack and whack more stuff. but I needed a break. So I rode my bike to the pharmacy to get my $30 allergy nose spray.
And when did that go up to $29.50?? Oh, the high prices I pay just to breath at night.

BTW- when I went to add a picture to my last blog, I was notified I had reached my available limit for pictures. Talk about sad. I was mortified! How can they LIMIT pictures? so wrong. I went and deleted 100 pictured from my Blogger Album- so I should be fine fine for a couple more weeks.
AND, if you want to see me in my Renaissance Garb- check the previous entry at the bottom!

Did I mention this was a NO SCHOOL WEEK?

They only have to read and get some physical activity daily.
Morning Computer is over at 8:30 (they often wake up at 6 or 7 to play longer) and no more computer games until dad gets home.

They have been making an arsenol of amtgard armaments today.As soon as my sewing machine returns from it's medical check-up, they will be sewing covers for them and maybe a new tunic.

It is now 1PM and I need to shower, pack snacks, and offer money to Gavin for cleaning my mess in the front yard.

COME BACK tomorrow to see my FIRST "How To Tuesday" Post!! You will be AMAZED and ASTONISHED at my Aptitude!

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