Saturday, May 14, 2011


We leave tomorrow for a week of travels, sight seeing & camping. San Fran, Wendy, Darkshores.
(which means today is a day of doing laundry, fertilizing the garden, & buying toiletries)

Here are some pictures from some of the week's activities:

[making a ballista]

[getting our hair ready for Darkshore]

[Ki sewing a tunic for Darkshore- with his hair finished

And when the bloggersite was down the other day I felt like bloggin and couldn't blog, to I made a facebook weblog:

The Blogger site is down. So I will just talk here instead. I have gotten used to having a place to 'talk' when when words are in my head. So bear with me. or ignore me.

The boys couldn't find the Standard Deviants DVD, so I told them to skip Chemistry and go out back and make amtgard weapons. So They worked on a ballista they hope to take to camp next week. It's a fine line between Chemistry and Power Tools, right? It's all good in the end as long as I'm not in the E.R.

This morning I told them to just do half their math today- so they can have more time to work on their ballista and other projects. Math? Weapon Making? Math? Weapon Making? Idecided weaponry is more fun. School-Shmool. Gavin's reply to 'just do half your math' was; "O.K., but I'll be doing more becuase I need to make up for Tuesday." (He decided to go out to dinner with his dad instead of finishing his math. It was a business dinner with some guys from work.)

Life is short. Make a Ballista.

I decided to take Connor tot he DMV to get his learner's permit. If I had decided this a few days ago, he'd have had time tii study. He studied hard- 2 months ago, but we ended up not having the proper paperwork, then got busy . So he missed 1 too many. And I took him to Panda Express.

I hope they don't end up needing too much therapy from Life with an Impulsive Mom.

Now, I need to go color my gray hairs. I always know when it time to color them because Connor is obsessed with my shiny gray hairs and will tell me how awesome (and plentiful) they are when they start showing too much. And he was commenting on my awesome shiny gray hairs today. So I stopped by Sally's to get stuff to take care of that issue.

The wonderful mail delivery lady brought my SEE-N-READ stuff today. They are basically just blue see-through plastic overlays that also have a strip cut out. So you can read the sentence in the cut out or through the blue and it will keep me..err, Ki, from always losong his place while reading. I hope it makes it so I can read in burch. The flouresents lights bother me too much and reading during Bible Study gives me a migraine.

(that's it from me. I feel better having gotten all those words out of my head)

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