Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thorough Thursday:

I was debating between doing a THANKFUL THURSDAY or a TRUTH IS: THURSDAY.

I decided to do both, thus making it a Thorough Thursday.

Truth Is: I probably complain too much to Gavin about being on the computer. Most of what he does on the computer is drawing with his tablet and art program, and making videos. Or researching stuff. He keeps his gaming to about an hour a day I guess. I feel like he is on the computer a lot. too much. But the computer art and programming is the directins he wants to go after school. If he wanted to be a chef and was cooking all the time I'd not complain. Or if he wanted to be a chemist and was always doing stuff with the chemistry set, I'd not complain. So if he wants to go into computer programming or computer animation, I should not complain about him doing that often.

Thankful: that he has a passion and talent and practices to improve.
Thankful: that homeschooling gives him lots of time and opportunity to hone his skills.

Here is his latest video/drawing. He'd LOVE if you went to youtube and left him a comment or friendly critique. (for more videos by Gavin, visit his Yutube Page; dashermkii)

Truth Is: I am sporting fake fingernails. The kind you buy at Rite-Aid and glue on. I fingernails are thin, peel, rip, and split. I had 4 ripped/split nails last week and got tired of it. They kept catching on things and getting ripped further. If I had time & money I'd have a nail salon just paint them with acrylic- so I don't look like... a chick with long pink fingernails.

Thankful: for options to improve my fingernails.
Thankful: for Superglue- good for fingernails AND lifting fingerprints!

Truth Is: We raise and harvest mosquito larvae.
Thankful: I can't really think of thankfulness for this one... I am thankful that over 20 of the tadpoles survived into froghood.

Truth Is: I found some recipes in my new book "Food the Die For!". Recipes that sound yummy and I want to make. But, truth is, no one else in my immediate family will eat this stuff.
Thankful: for friends who will come to my house for garlic soup and squash & chestnut stuffed ravioli.

Truth Is: I would LOVE to serve on Jury Duty. I have been 'called' 3 times but they always end up not needing me. :: pouty face :: But the people that do NOT want to serve and try to get out of it- end up the ones that get to do it.

Truth Is: I AM LOOKING FORWARD TO SEEING MY BOYS IN THEIR PLAY NEXT WEEK... darn fake nails and trying to type. I hit the CAPS LOCK,
Thankful: for the chance for Connor and Ki to act and perform!

Connor as Henry the Night Watchman

Play: "After Hours"- performed by Central Coast Homeschool Theater Ensemble.

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