Tuesday, April 26, 2011

C is for COOKIE!!

C always has to be for COOKIE
, [and that's good enough for me] even if the topic is homeschooling. We like to eat cookies. We like to make cookies. And eat them.

C is also for Connor, who made Ninja Cookie Cutters for me! (I guess I should do a better job introducing my son.... Meet Connor. He is 16, loves cats, smoke bombs, and doesn't have a middle name)

C would be for Consistency, but I fail in that area. Which is why I was unhappy with the last Letter Post where I felt I had to write an whole article about one word. My mind is too scattered to stick with one word. So I am going with LOTS of "C" words that can go along with homeschooling! This will be so much easier for me!

C is for CHEMISTRY! Like all science, my boys love Chemistry- at least the parts that involve experiments and making smoke bombs. The balancing of chemical equations? Not so much.

C is for Crime Scene Forensics- This was one of the "Electives" chosen. We don't call them electives, but a few times a year I have the boys chose something to learn/study for an intensive 2 hours a day. (more about this with the Letter J. So now you have Q and J to look forward to!), anyway- they chose CSI

To read some of our CSI Class Activities CLICK HERE.

C is for Curriculum- umm, we don't use those... so, moving on to the NEXT "C"...

C is for COLLEGE- because the boys are getting to age where what they want to do in college is part of what they are working towards right now. Here is where I insert lots of questions and occasional doubt. things like: Will they go to college? How will they pay for it? Will I be able to find all those scholarships available to homeschoolers? Did they learn enough before college? Will they live at home? Will they finally remember to change their undewear? Will my homespun transcript be good enough? Should we bother with diplomas or not?

C is for Computer- a place where I can purchase those meaningless homeschool diplomas. A way to email my boys different assignments, projects, links, and more. Where we get our Current Event news and research things of interest. A tool for Gavin's computer based art. His latest toys are a Bamboo Digital Tablet and a new graphic program called SAI. He draws pictures and makes short videos. He thinks he might want to be a computer hacker for the government 'when he grows up'- which is pretty soon! "Computer"- probably one of the things I fret over the most... how much computer time is too much? How late is OK to be on without interfering with their sleep? What is the child plans on going into computer programming r computer animates art? then all that time they spend programming and drawing on the computer is all helpful towards their goal maybe? I go back and forth with the computer. It all ends up feeling meaningless. Is it really such a big deal ? Is it something I need to micro-manage? no.

Other "C"s that come to mind -
Culinary - Ki loves cooking and fancy foods and learning about culture through recipes.
Culture- I love culture. Homeschooling has made it easier for me to join my husband on some of his business trips - like China, India, France.....
Copies- I spend more time than I want at Copy Stores- copying pages from activity books and hands on workbooks.

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