Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Truth Is... Thursday

Truth Is.... I just deleted quite a few blogs off of my Following List. Why? because some of them are only giveaways and reviews anymore. I have no desire to read those- so I don't need the zillions of entries clogging up my reader list. OR because as many times as I read them and comment on the actual content of their blog, they have never reciprocated. I am busy- life is short. . SO, now that my blog reader list if cleared, I can actually keep up with the blogs I do enjoy. :) YAY! I have missed you all my bloggy friends!

(truth is... that last truth may have upset some people)
[ and I am glad I have reader and they actually like my blog- and it's fine if they never comment. It's the ones that ask me to follow and never say anything or that I comment on all the time and they never comment back or the ones that now only do giveaways. the ones I follow, but don;t read anymore due to the afore mentioned reasons]

Truth Is... It always takes me 3 tries to spell "occasionally" correctly. What would I do without Spell Check??!

Truth Is... I sometimes doubt what we are doing on this whole un/homeschool journey. Am I teaching them enough? Will they get into a college and do well? Should I have made them do workbooks and curriculum and textbooks with pages of questions?

Truth Is... I think we'd not be god moms if we never questioned if we are doing it right. It shows we care and want what is best- to question if we are doing it right.

Truth Is... the self-doubt about unschooling only last a short while. Maybe an hour or 2. Then I get over it.And incorporate something new into our schedule if there is a specific that had me concerned.

Truth Is.... the gardener is outside knocking on the front door to get the key to the gate, to get into the backyard... and I am ignoring the knocks. I do not feel like going down there in my PJs & rather he stay out of my backyard anyway......

Truth Is.. I should have left the Cow Heart out back and then gave him the key...... I often tell him to not bother with the backyard as we are doing school projects. Which is the truth- as unschoolers every odd project the boys do in the backyard is 'part of school'- somehow

Truth Is... I wrote this Wednesday Afternoon, not Thursday.

The Idea for the Truth Is post comes from Julianna..... who got it from....well, someone else- I forget and couldn't find her post that said from whom she took it.....


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