Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Sharing Plans

I thought I'd post what I have so far for our Forensics J-Term Class. Maybe you might want to do forensics with your kids and will be able to use some of these ideas/plans:

these are the Books I will be using for experients/demonstrations/activities:



· --- BOOKS Encyclopedia Brown. 39 Clues, CSI books {Some books for them to read on their own-not part of class}

· -------- Make fake Blood : http://www.stevespanglerscience.com/experiment/fake-blood-recipes?utm_source=101020&utm_medium=email&utm_content=exptxt&utm_campaign=eow

· ----- Obtain Typewriters (3 or 4 hopefully)

I have broken the class down into Sessions. About 1 week per session.

Se · http://www.forensicmag.com/

---- * Session: Overview of Forensics & Jobs in Forensics

o General Videos

o Occupations

§ http://www.ehow.com/facts_5418966_different-occupations-forensic-science.html

§ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Forensic_science SEE: SUBDIVISIONS

§ http://www.computer-forensics-recruiter.com/index.html

§ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Forensic_anthropology

§ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Forensic_odontology


o vocabulary

o word-roots (latin/Medical Terms)

o Medical ASL

· ---- Session: (other) Evidence

o Blood Splatter

o Impression (shoes, teeth)

o Gun/bullets/GSR

o Things left behind (cigarette butts, food wrappers, ticket stubs, etc)

o Lip/palm/etc prints

o Insects

o Fibers

o Collect fibers at the ranch?

o GROUP CLASS: “Follow The Evidence”

---- · Session: Documents

o Typewriters/printers

o Handwriting

o Codes Morse Code/Sign Language

o Paper/Ink Analysis

o Notepad rubs to find clues

o Double Doodles/Left-hand Writing


---- · Session: Biological IDs


o Genetics

o GROUP CLASS: Phlebotomy

o Blood Types

o Hair

o fingerprints

o Biological Profile

---- · Session: Bones

o Full skeletal

o Odontology

o Anthropology

o Clues in bones

o Watching BONES

· Session: Reconstruction/Art

o Suspect drawing

o Skull/face reconstruction

o Crime Scene Drawing/Graphing

o Court Room Artist

o C.S. Photos

· Putting it ALL together

· GROUP CLASS: Fickle Forensics (Pickle Gang Autopsy)-

· I This will be a big project- finding a crime scene. marking evidence, Identifying "bodies" (large dill pickles), doing autopsies

**I then use the Sessions Ideas as a Skeleton Outline and fill in week by week with specific things to do for each of the sessions- here is what I have so far:


Monday: VHIP (Our Homeschool Group- I'll do a group class/activity on Mondays)

Ø Crime Scene Clean-Up. Making Fingerprint Powder. Making Evidence Markers. The Scene: take pictures, make documentations/measurements. Collect/ID evidence. back to Lab. Crime Scene Reconstruction.

Tuesday: 3T

Ø Puzzle of the Day (Puzzles/Challlenges are taken from/Inspired by: http://sciencespot.net/Pages/classforscistarters.html)

Ø Different jobs within Forensics

Ø Vocabulary

Ø Fingerprint bk5-8 pg 40-48. Make fingerprint powder. make a 10 print card. practice lifting prints. Balloon Prints for ID purpose.

Ø Super Glue Fuming in baggies. try film canister. cardstock. http://www.theforensicteacher.com/fingerprints.html

Ø iodine fuming. use crystals from Chem Class. http://blog.makezine.com/science_room/forensics/forensics_laboratory_82_revealing_l/

Wednesday:3T entomology

Ø YouTube

Ø http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Entomology

Ø http://www.forensic-entomology.com/


Ø Puzzle of the Day

Ø Book 5-8 page 59 Cracked Glass

Ø Burning Fibers book5-8 page 32

Ø MiniMystery (2)

Ø Possible Collection of Fibers from the Farm


Ø Daily Puzzle

Ø MiniMystery http://www.theforensicteacher.com/mini-mystery.html

Ø CSI Kit (Evidence)

Ø Possible analyzing of fibers collected from farm

WEEK 2 January 10-14 Human Biology

Monday: VHIP

Ø (3T) Daily Puzzle

Ø YouTube

Ø Phleb Class

Ø Make a big batch of fake blood. if we need more


Ø Puzzler of the Day

Ø Blood Spatter. bk 5-8 pg 112-127 do all 3 labs.

Ø Vocabulary

Ø YouTube


Ø Mini Mystery

Ø Puzzle

Ø “CSI” kit for DNA.

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