Monday, November 29, 2010


My friend, Jana, is doing a 30 Days of Knitting Questions. (her blog: Knitting in the red )

I decided to adapt this for myself. I do not want to be held to making sure I do them every single day, so I'll do a few at a time, when I have the time.

And I may add a Homeschool Question in there, too....... I know. I'll ask for questions from readers.
DOES ANYONE HAVE A HOMESCHOOOL QUESTION for me? anything you wonder or want to know about what we do or about homeschool in general??


Day #4 Knitting Question is: How Did You Learn To Knit?

I learned using this video: VideoJug:How to Knit the Knit Stitch

I loved it because the lady sounds like the chick on the Orbit Gum commercials. I did pretty well, but later found out I have twisted stitches. People told me that, but no one explained what that meant at first. My friend Cindy explained though.

I learned to knit with both my left and right hands. It keeps my hands from getting bored. Sometimes my left hand wants a chance to lead, too.

Day 3: Do you have any other WIPs (works in progress)?
I have a coffee cup sleeve on sz 3 DPNs, using my left over sock yarn. It is thin, I wanted to see how well it works. I am just barely started on that.

I have a Christmas Present on size 7 DPNs

and my DNA Double Helix Scarf on size 3 straight needles.

The boys have been too lax about things lately, so this week is 'boring school' Sometimes we need a break from all the Quasi-Unschool. So it's reading books, reading History Texts, some writing, and doing math this week.
School is done on the hour this week. A 9-9:50 session. then 10-10:45, then 11-11:45. Then Lunch, then another hour of school followed by housework...... and no computer game time. I told them if they do an excellent job they might be able to earn their computer time back by Wednesday.

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