Thursday, December 2, 2010

Trying Something New

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I really don't need votes to feel loved or good or popular- I just wanted to try joining a Blog Community- to be able to reach more homeschooling moms. To get ideas and to share them. And it seems to get listed easily one needs to have a few votes.. .So I Need readers to get readers. Such a Catch-22.

I figure I've been homeschooling for 10 years and have had to figure out what things work with my boys & their 'quirks', that I have plenty of experience and ideas to share. And now that we have transitioned to getting the boys ready for college and figuring out what to do from here to get them to there- that I could use some tips from homeschool moms have done the High-School-to College homeschool thing.

So- I guess my blog is now at TOPMOMMYBLOGS- but I really don;t care for the 'mommy'. My boys didn't even call me that much, esp Connor, who I don't think ever called me Mommy. just mom.

feel free to check out the community if you are looking to connect to other moms. not just homeschool- all mom type and styles.


Ki got to play on the computer last night. (they have a no Computer Sentence until they could earn it back. Ki (the youngest-14) seems to be doing a good job.

Connor (15ys 10 months) is almost reached the 90% completion on (math program)- which I told him is all he had to attain. I figure a lot of schools never finish up their math text for the year so as long as he's 'mastering' all the topics he can be done at 90% of the topics.

Gavin asked to change and take a break from the math he was doing on ALEKS (Alg 2) and to try Geometry for awhile. I said fine to that. Connor never had problems he just wondered when he'd be 'done'.

Speaking of Gavin (oldest-17), he's about done with the college class (Art Design) and is getting a B+ so far. He's never had a Big Test before for the end of a class, so I'm anxious to see how he does. And we get his results from the PSAT this month. That was his first real "testing"; overall testing. He's does end of chapter tests for his Science sometimes-open notebook.

We start our Chemistry Session on Monday! I originally planned to start Monday this week, but needed a break to get my brain together after the Thanksgiving Holiday. And the boys needed a Boring School-no Computer Week.

Sorry about this being a boring list of personal family data. I'll try for a more inspired entry next time.

banana-pansy... PANSANA

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