Monday, December 6, 2010

1-CHEMCLASS (& more)

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I had told the boys that the first week of class would be easy and be stuff they already know, but we were just going to go through the entire Chemistry Course, so that includes stuff we already know.

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I had told my friends I wondered what extra facts and concepts Gavin would bring to the table.

Class started with the fun, fun activity of dropping fizzy color tablets into the bowl of water.

This was set outside to finish it's colorizing job while we went back in to start the other demonstration.

A ruler/yardstick type item balanced on a PVC pipe, that had been taped to chairs to keep it from rolling. the original instructions said balance it on your shower rod in your bathroom. that seemed to daunting for me. I would have had to do some cleaning in the bathroom first.

Gavin decided it'd be easier to tape the stick UNDER the PVC pipe, so he changed that. We tied a ballon to each end. non-inflated balloons. the weight was equal. Then we blew into 1 balloon, re-rigged the balance beam thingy. the balloon with the added air weighed more than the enpy ballon. Demonstrating that air has weight.

The best wa too see the 'scale tipping', but you can't see which side the balloons are - - ->>

SO This Angle shows the big air filled balloon with the deflated balloon on the other side.

Then back outside to the do the color water in the bowl deomstration. I colored the water to make it easier to see.
G took a beaker with papertowels and pushed it into the water. We see the water can not get to the papertowels, because the air is in the way.
Demonstrated that air takes up space.

You can see the paper towel is still white. water has not gone up to it - ->>

Here is the beaker with water, to see how it would have looked if the paper towels did get wet.

See, I said it'd be things the boys have known for years.
Back inside to take notes:
Chemistry is the study of MATTER.
Matter: has mass and takes up space

not really. matter doesn't always take up space. matter in a blackhole takes up no space.

ME: ya. but when you get the test from this course, answer it without the blackhole part of the answer. You know what the book teaches and what they want on the answer.

(Because they's answer "no" or "false" or whatever if there is a 'Does Matter take up Space?" type questions, thought this course will want the bas'c answer.)

On with the notes:
What does NOT have matter?
LIGHT- does not have mass or take up space.
GAVIN: well, actually anything on the electro-magnetic spectrum ... or hawking radiation, I think....

We talked about measurements and units then ended with YOUTUBE: They Might Be Giants singing MEET THE ELEMENTS!!

ALSO TODAY: Gavin made Chai.I had to tell him how. it was yummy.

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