Friday, December 31, 2010

Gifts from Wise Men

The boys seem to enjoy The 12 Days of Christmas! This is the 2nd tome we did it. Last year we did it and Ki made a King Cake for Epiphany.

This year I am hiding the Wisemen. 3 Wisemen. 3 Boys. Each day the Wisemen are in a different room. They are Travelling Wisemen, after all.
Day 1 was Christmas and we didn't hide the Wisemen.

Day 2 the wisemen hid in the kitchen. The Wisemen brought gifts of Dice. each boy got a baggy with 8 dice.

Day 3 the Wisemen hid in the Front Room. They brought a Big Bag of Pipe Cleaners. Sounds silly, but the boys ask for Pipe Cleaners occasionally.

Day 4 the Wisemen hid in Gavin's room. They were found to be carrying gifts of Those Suncatcher ornaments that you sprinkle with glass beads, cook & melt.

Day 5 I forgot to hide the Wisemen, so the boys hid them for me to find and gave me hugs.

Day 6 We had company most the day. G&C fell asleep by 5PM I think, so I figured we'd skip the Wisemen. They of course woke up around 9 and I was getting ready for bed. I actually had time between when Paul Left and they fell asleep,I was just being A Lazy Mom again. I'm glad I am such good company in the area of Lazy Moms! ( Click to Read Stacey's Lazy Mom Blog)

Day 7 The Wisemen hid in the backyard and gifted the boys with coupons for 1 hour Free Computer Time- but the coupons are for 2 uses.

Day 8- hasn't happened yet. Ki wants to hide 2 of the Wisemen for his Brothers. He said I can hide the 3rd Wisemen for him.

I am actually out of gifts now. The dice & coupons were free, the Pipe Cleaners were about $1 a boy, the suncathers were about $4 I think. Tomorrow Morning I'll go to Michael's and get some things from their $1 bin.

Brian & the boys got me a KitchenAid Staning Mixer for Christmas. The stores here just had the smallest of standing mixers and in white. Brian & I looked online and found the a 6QT, in red, on "Day After Christmas Sale" and ordered it to have instead.

It will be perfect for making a KING CAKE for Epiphany! It should get here on Tuesday.


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