Monday, December 13, 2010


Scary, huh? This is me an any given day. Comfy Clothes. Pony Tail. No Make Up. No earrings. I have gotten lazy. not that it was all that different before I was Very Lazy. I used to just be Moderately lazy, but still wore earrings most days and at least lip gloss. [I do not even think THE LAZY MOM would be proud of me.....]

I need one of those Talk Show Makeovers. Hair, nails, make-up, new-up to date-wardrobe.
Trouble is, I'd go home and without my crew of hair, wardrobe, make-up assistants, I'd be right back in my rut.

People tell me I don;t look old enough to have kids the ages of my boys. It's the pony tail and lack of make-up.... and the hair color that covers the greys.(seriously, if you saw all the grey hairs, You'd think I was 55) My birthday is this week. I'll be 39. Maybe in a few years I'll actually start dressing like a grown woman instead of a lazy 19 year old.

OOOH... and looky there... my grey hair is starting to show..NO, don't look!!
But, oh to have the dress size I did back then....LOL. Another Trip to the store is in order- but I do not have the time.

My new friend at Sassy Classy(click to read her blog) keeps blogging about shopping. Whilst I detest shopping, it has got me to thinking.... I probably should own a long black skirt. and maybe a nice blouse (all I seem to have are comfy knit tops or sleeveless tops).

The poinsettias above are at the church where we were today. I thought it an interesting view. My new friend Gabby has some Christmas Pictures. Hers are better and have a cute dog, too. She even won doggy shampoo for 1 of them!

The boys are in a Christmas Skit. A whole Showcase of many skits. Connor and Ki are in 4 different skits each. plus there are songs. Actually a skit got cut, and a song, and some lines from a longer skit. It is not what any of us thought it would be. I will be so happy when it is over. I am tired if driving to SLO and Back twice a week. And Daily this week. They have been practicing so many weeks I think they are ready to quit before the performance. But it will be good. It will be fun to watch. It will be memorable. Gavin is helping with tech work.

The Above would be my Connor. Probably "In Character" for Uncle Milfred.

there will not be much school this week. 3 hours of rehearsal daily (and all that driving) is just too draining on all of us.

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