Tuesday, December 7, 2010

my Terrible, awful, no-good, very bad day

I made a poor decision. It seemed like a good decision at the time, but now that I am in the midst of implementing it, I am beginning to think it was not really as good a decision as I thought.

The decision was to knit twisted stitches. It seemed good because I do like the look and thought it would look good with this particular yarn. But, I had forgotten how much longer it takes me to knit twisted stitches and that there are only a certain number of days before Christmas.

Then there is the fact that I am really not all that good at knitting, so this takes me forever and the edge is all crooked. Casting-On with circulars is still something I do not do well.

But I have been knitting on this awhile and I really think this:

should be 4 inches. I think it really does look like 4 inches. I feel I have knit 4 inches. Yet, my tape measure only read 2.5 inches. No, really, it looks like 4. (I should have not taken the picture to the skein.. the very BIG LONG skein that dwarfs the project...)

Oh. well.

My Tuesday was not the best. I go to a Ladies BibleStudy. K&C go with me; they help with childcare. It was a Lazy Day. And not the good kind of lazy that means I was teaching my kids to cook and clean on their own. It was the bad lazy kind which means I didn't eat a good breakfast ( I started a breakfast protein drink, but got sidetracked and forgot to finish the last 2/3)

K&C didn't have any wards, so they stayed home. Hopefully they did some school. Maybe read or learned something. It was not organized (which Ki needs to keep is brain on track) I did not remind him to eat protein, hydrate, take vitamins, drink juice, and do Brain Gym. I was too tired. I woke at 6:30, because I had my alarm set to go off early (7:35). My brain has a habit of waking frequently when the alarm is set early, and then just waking up early.

I ended up with a migraine for the day. Ki ended up with numb brain and having a meltdown. He needs to do his "therapy" stuff of his day just goes downhill. I was feeling tired nd didn;t make it happen.

I taught a short, boring chemistry class then took a 2.5 hour nap, then just knit. (and watched Psych)

It was one of those days I felt like a failure as a mom. And felt bad for having to ask Brian a few times to not be so loud and not talk too much. I feel like he got stuck with a broken wife sometimes.

So Yesterday was a lazy, self-pity, migraine, Sensory Meltdown, unaccomplished day.

But, on a positive note- my wonderful readers seem to be clicking on my vote button occasionally! THANKS!

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