Friday, December 3, 2010

A story of French Toast, a boy and his mom and her mom, too

I found a fun new blog to read.

“I’m a Lazy Mom.”

Isn’t that an awesome title! I was thinking about the Lazy Mom thing last night as my 14 yr old was prepping ingredients to use for pancakes this morning. He was cleaning the counter and getting out bowls and measuring spoons and the flour. He spilled the Baking Powder.

I was remembering how awesome my mom was. “WAS” as in “way back when I was a kid” not as in she is no longer living. She lives still, but I am no longer a little girl at the breakfast table.

I remember her making French Toast. It is something I remember her making often. Or maybe I just have the most memories of that breakfast because; A] it involved LOTS or cinnamon sugar and ‘snow’ and [B] my dad liked his bread SOAKED in the egg mixture and his French Toast was always nasty-soggy. (He also liked his eggs with runny yolks. yuck.) [C] the clear memories of the precise way I cut my slice of bread into even little squares with that one middle square that had the MOST melty Cinnamon Sugar & “snow” that was the best bite, saved for last.

SIDENOTE: I realize I should clear up the meaning of “SNOW”. It is not the cold wet stuff that falls from the sky nor is it the powdery s illegal substance that some people sniff. In the case of French Toast, it is Powder Sugar in a little shaker that made it look like it was snowing on my breakfast.

So, I remember my mom making breakfast often like the good mom she is.

Then there is me. The Lazy Mom. (not that lazy is bad, just different). I made french toast, waffles, pancakes, and cereal buffets for the boys when they were little. I taught them early on how to make their own breakfast. G loves scrambled eggs. I hate them Just the smell of them makes me nauseous. But he has known how to make them for a long time now. Ki loves cooking and has been making banana bread and waffles since he was about 7.

Ki made waffles for the family breakfast on Wednesday. Today he is making Pancakes. I’m hoping for a Pancake Buffet... with diced cinnamon apples and pecans.

I only make breakfast about once every other week. Ki now makes breakfast 3 days a week. Mondays he sets out cereals and bowls and spoons. Wed/Friday he makes the cooked stuff. Toast.bacon.eggs. or Pancakes or Waffles or Scones or French Toast.

The Lazy Mom teaches her kids to cook so she can sleep in a little longer. But more rest makes a happier mom in my case. And kids that cook is always a good thing! esp when they are making Double Layer Pumpkin Cheesecake!

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