Wednesday, December 29, 2010

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I will be spending the day writing plans for J-Term 2011.

J-Term Classes are as Follows: AM= Forensics [all 3] PM= [K] alternates Acting & Lightwave, [C] lightwave or Computer Programming, [G] Computer Programming. (C is deciding between C.P. or alternating C.P with L.W.)

Brian will be helping a lot with the Computer Programming.I get to plan the boring part of Computer Programming & Lightwave. History/Vocabulary/Research-Writing.

For those readers of mine who are not familiar with J-Term, I will give a brief explanation.
During January the boys do not do their regular schooling. Instead I make a list of classes I think they would be interested in doing/learning about. They choose 2 or 3. There is 1 class in the morning, then the second class after lunch. Ki, my youngest gets 2 afternoon classes. At first he did 1.5 hours of each, now he alternates. I'm not a good enough lesson planner to make Cooking or Sewing be a 3 hours a day class.

Some of the classes they have chosen in the past:
Culinary Arts
Church History

You can read more of our past J-Term Posts by clicking the J-Term tag or the J-Term2011 tag found below my blog entry.

(the arrows are not pointing to the J-Term tag, though)

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