Sunday, December 5, 2010


Ki and I went to Starbuck's today to take pictures of my newly knit coffee sleeves (and drink yummy beverages that are hot and creamy-smooth)

** more pictures on the LOUNGE PAGE **

And to see if they would hang the boys' Christmas Showcase Poster. Tomorrow I'll go to Cafe Noir and see if they will put up a flyer, too.

last week I took pictures of trees in the city to show that we DO get fall colors...almost....

Tomorrow starts our Chemistry Unit!! I think the first chapter will go quickly. it's a basic What is Matter how to measure units. most being known by my boys already.

Come back tomorrow evening for to read about what we do in school tomorrow. with pictures!

I added a page. The Lounge. It will have pictures of on-going/completed projects or books I am reading.... which might be the real reason for today's entry.. to try out my new page...

I think this community blog thing might be fun and good. YEAH! so far so good!

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