Wednesday, December 15, 2010




Gavin, my 17 yr old 11th grader, just completed his first Dual Enrollment College Course and got an A-! It wasa great expetience for both of us, esp as "Quasi-Unschoolers".

He hadn't done a "real, actual" Sit & Take Notes, Lots of Projects with deadlines, Quizes & Tests kind of class. So it is not the knowlegde to get an A" I am as so much impressed with (I knew he was smart enough), it was his ability to figure out how a College Class works, and keep track of his notes, do all his many projects on his own- no prompting from me (I didn;t even know about most of them until he had mentioned he had turned in a pproject that day)

His classes were Tues/Thurs. I had Bible Study Tuesday Mornings, so Gavin's get up anf bike to the college. Not a huge deal, but he had never had to get himself to class on time before.

It was good for him to have these responsibilities and manage his time and work and get what he needed on his own and then get the rewards of his labors. (his A- and an encuraging note from his teacher).

It was good for me to have to bite my tongue and let him do it, succeed or fail, without my intervetin (and get a D on that first Notebook Check becasue he had not had to take notes and turn them in before). It was good for me to actually SEE (not just know in my head) that quasi-unschooling works and teaches them to think on their own and my boys will learn what they need, when they need it.

He wants to take a computer or math class next.

Next week we will have time to take him to his favorite restaurant to celebrate his responsibility and hard work!

He's been helping out with the Christmas Play/Showcase. C&K are in the skits. G doesn't like that, but he has been doing lights and other Technical Stuff.


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