Friday, December 17, 2010

Peer Pressure

Having decided that I need to get more exercise, and realizing that all I seem to do is say to myself; "I should exercise more"- I decided to keep a little journal on the topic. Kind of a motivational accountability thing. (It's the facebook Peer Pressure- all those people with their running/biking stats...) So, if I stop journaling about it you can say to me "HEY! What happened to all the awesome exercise you used to do??" or "Do you still make up fictional exercise journals about what you should be doing but don't?"

Yesterday- I did walking Lunges across the back yard and about 20 sit-up/crunches.
OH MY! Walking Lunges KILL. I am so sore! I can barely walk. And stand from a sitting positio.
Today- 10 sit-ups, 10 push-ups, and rode my bike to Von's (probably 0.8 miles round trip- but it was VERY VERY windy- so that should double the amount of calories burned.)

In other, more interesting,news....... I picked 6 oranges of my orange tree.
The 1st two years we lived here I thought it was lime tree. with bad limes. The fruit never got beyond looking like limes, then they'd all fall off. It wasn't watered much by the people that lived here before us. After 1.5 years of good watering, we have ORANGES!!

And in even more interesting news........ I went shopping yesterday.. for clothes... for myself.... and saved money. Khol's Clearance racks PLUS 15% off coupon. I may have to do one of those WHAT I WORE/NEW OUTFITS posts..... I guess turning 39 must have rewired my brain.

Connor made me earrings. I had asked for DNA earrings. Here is what he made for me:

Brian bought me a Chronological Bible. It's cool. all the books and verses are all out of order (so that they are in order as to when they were written).

:::: Good Luck wishes to the kids performing in the showcase tonight :::::

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