Thursday, December 30, 2010


Hops & Follows

this is a blog entry about blogs. such a blog entry does not happen often.

though I have blogged for awhile, it has been mostly just 'for me to remember what we do in school'. lately, I have gotten into 'blogging to my readers' a little more.

this has brought me to Blog Hops. a place to meet other bloggers and for other bloggers to meet me and my blog. it's been fun. I have met new friends.

but lately I have noticed people seem to be obsessed with FOLLOWING. maybe I do not understand it. maybe I am missing some great, mysterious facet of information.

I do not understand why so many people seem to want followers, it seems just for the sake of having lots of followers. I see a lot of blog comments on my blog and others that only say "I'm following you, please follow me back." with no comment about the actual blog entry they just read. or maybe did not read. Again- I must be missing something.

*FWIW. I am glad to have readers/followers and hope I can encourage other homeschool moms or any mom! It's Frenzy of Asking for Followers that is odd I guess. *

SO. am I missing something in the blogworld of following?

NOW onto a little lighter of a subject:

I saw this on MARY's BLOG (homeschool success) . She did her TOP POSTS of 2010. my entries this year did not get nearly the Page Views as hers, so I am doing :

TOP POSTS of ALL TIME (and still have less views than her)

Coming in FIRST with 346 pageviews is
LOTS OF LINKS. Homeschool Links on 4/21/2007

Coming in 2nd with 297 pageviews is-
SKETCHING/DRAWING CLASS. This is a May-TERM posted 4/28/2010

In 3rd place with 128 pageview we have:
OBSTACLE COURSE. a Occupational Therapy Blog Entry from 5/9/2007

and if you go read them, their view numbers will be even bigger!!

To Join a Friday Hop...or not.....??

Sure. Why not?

Click the Bunnies and Hop-Along with us

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